The EASIEST Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners | HOW TO GROW $50 to $3000 in 3 DAYS | Trading 101

Hey guys what’s up it’s your woman. samara aka night time american princess. in case you are new to the channel please. like comment and subscribe to your ladies. channel. and if you’re part of the household you. already know to do you want to keep on. watching. sure guys that thumbnail that title is. completely right. i am gonna show you guys how to simply. turn your fifty dollars a hundred. dollars 200 fifty dollars. into three thousand critically. so simply keep on watching and let’s get. began. hold it a hundred that is it i obtained your. counting up the cheddar pick seven. stitches on my sweater. balenciaga when i am . shout out my cousin he simply beat in. entrance of me i can not be with. with jealousy i inform this to all. of my college students who are beneath me and who. are learning under me. i counsel you to have a buying and selling view. account when you do not.

I must stop what you’re doing and go. create one okay however if you do let’s hold. on pushing shifting forward. so what you’re gonna do is you are. principally gonna go right here. in the search box column and you’re. gonna find the um. the pair that you normally wish to trade. me personally um. i always counsel all of my traders all. of. my new novices to ensure to get. your two. or three tears that you just actually like but. in case you are a beginner i counsel you to. simply get two pairs that you simply like. because when you identify and perceive. these two pairs. it is going to be straightforward for you to. perceive that specific pair. and to make your cash and bounce my. advice for it is merely. let’s say you do take a pair concept or a. commerce concept from someone. and that trade didn’t go in addition to you. wished it to do. and also you in all probability over bid so when i say.

Over bid. you in all probability over leverage your account. so instead of using 50 cents. you in all probability use maybe 10 or perhaps. um a greenback okay and um. you need to have the power to recuperate so in. order to recover you have to return to. a pair that you are familiar with that. you know for a truth that you just about to. make your coins. and voila you are done of course you’re. simply going to type in eurusd. and with this one i at all times sometimes. just go together with the primary one um as you. guys can see is so many alternative pairs. going on with eur usd however. anything that principally says you might be usd. that is what i select i’m. simply going to choose the primary one. as a outcome of that’s what i do. so it’s going to come to this section. proper right here. sorry about all of my tabs guys i’m a. student at school. and uh yeah so do not decide but um we’re. going to enter the full feature chart.

And we’re about to enter magic okay so. that is my chart. um one factor that i do like i prefer to. commerce on the 15 minute chart. okay so make positive that your time is. right. um i additionally like to work with my hyenki. i do not know is it excessive. hiking ashy climbing really there you go. always call it something else however. um these are just about my. go to candles i am gonna show you guys. two completely different methods. after which um that is pretty much it and. this is literally how i make my money. and bounce like from the market this is. how i pay my payments this is how i am ready. to. basically um keep financially secure. in pharmacy college actually okay first. things first i’m gonna go forward and. change my candles to the common candles. and i’m just gonna present you guys from. there so with this. um sometimes i will go to my modifying. details column.

And i at all times go right here i’m gonna press. this little arrow proper here and i’m. gonna go to my horizontal. line okay um all the time make sure that. you’re able to see this line. if you haven’t already please i counsel. you going to my support and resistance. line video. and that explains somewhat bit extra into. element about how. i have a glance at my support and resistant strains. when it comes to my help and. resistance lines like i normally tell my. college students i all the time let them know that hey. you have to just make sure you’re. looking at the prime three. the top three support and resistant line. candles and when i say the top three. candles that you simply’re looking for is. typically your twin towers if you’re not. acquainted with your candles i suggest you. to get. acquainted with your candles okay so i. recommend you knowing. and figuring out along with your twin towers.

Are figuring out what your harami. candles are and in addition to figuring out. your. two small wakes okay because generally. you may not be ready to see your twin. towers you may not see. your harami and you could not see uh yeah. you may not see. these two so you might have to simply. principally. go along with just the two same wigs and when. i say the 2 similar wigs we will. go into extra d. i like to only begin from the underside of. the um pear. and right right here this is where i’m going. to place it at. in order you guys can see i’m going to put. it right right here at the bottom. um so that they their candles are literally. aligned i like when my candles are. literally aligned. aspect to aspect as a result of that’s telling me. that mainly that’s your help space. okay that’s my support area and i am. going to go from there i’m going to. press it proper here.

Okay so we all know that this is our support. area and it hasn’t went previous our support. layer area. yes we’ve some wicks maybe probably. going. over the um help space but you guys. can see. it by no means went past our help area and. so this is going to be referred to as our. normal assist area. as you guys can see is 1.19541. okay that is our commonplace help space. if you do not have a book or a pocket book. next to you i suggest. you getting a notebook so you possibly can all the time. write down. the place in the market are we at present so. at 1.19541 you understand for a reality when it. breaks via that. you know for a fact that now. that is our new resistance line okay. so we all know it has not passed. our assist line so now we’re about to. search for our resistant line. guys when i let you know this methodology proper. here so easy. and going to make you your cash you are.

Going to be like samara child. okay so my subsequent area i will go. right right here. as you guys can see we have the 2 same. wicks. facet by side that is what i am talking. about that’s what i’m looking. for we’re going to put it up right here i do. not care about wakes. wigs are just basically like our. storytellers. wigs to me is mainly saying hey. samara. i’ll presumably come up previous this. resistant line or assist line. but i don’t know when i’ma go past that. like it’s basically like a. storyteller it could or could not go past. it’s going to eventually perhaps a week later. possibly. the next day however i do not go based mostly off my. wakes. unless they’re short wigs but they’re. long appears like that guys i’m not about. to do it proper right here because as you guys. can see. if i do it up here and for instance i put. my take revenue at this space. i am by no means going to win my cash as a outcome of.

It by no means went past. above that line right so i’m not going. to do it where. the longest wick is at i’m not going to. do that so i’ll do it proper right here. my second one so now i am where the. market is. at that is where your market is. currently at guys that is the place your. market is currently at. so again you could be like okay samara. like how lengthy do i know when to get in. right new resistant line is 1.20457. i do know that i can possibly get in. for a sale cease and should you’re not. familiar with cell stop i can positively. create a video for that simply comment. down beneath if you want a video on tips on how to. get in on the market cease a buy stop and so on. as a outcome of that’s how i make my money. in forex that’s all i do is sell stops. and purchase stops. now the one time that i will get in for. actual market execution. is if i see that it’s at that stage that.

I’m trying to get in. for a sell cease or buy stock buying and selling. common forex currencies. if you’re not utilizing 0.05 and up i do not. assume you will make the money that you. wish to make critically. so if i had been you i would seriously get. into my demo account. and start getting familiarized with the. 50 cents and seeing a method more. difference. in comparison with simply 10 cents so with that. being stated the market is open the. market’s alive. um and right now i do not commerce on. sundays at present it’s sunday. and that i do not commerce sundays the market’s. just not opening it’s not a good time to. get into the market when it is opening. now. i will start fresh in the morning on. mondays mondays is my get money. mondays you hear me mondays are my finest. days especially for eur usd. get on board guys get on board so how. am i in a position to get in. is the question okay so i am gonna go.

Back here. i’m gonna press it i am gonna zoom in. and now i’m gonna look for a great. position of where my market is at present. at. proper so i am putting it proper here at. this backside. proper that is now my new support line. that is my. resistant line nonetheless proper so. you might say okay well bam when you only do. sell stops and purchase stops how do you get. in. so guys literally in order for me to get. in. for a buy cease i’d literally. i might actually that is what i do okay. this is what i do. that is how i make my money this is how. i help myself. okay what i’ll do. is as you guys can see on this space. let me present you we’re right here. and let me show you one other one and. we’re right here. okay that is where we’re currently at. this is where the market is. at proper now right y’all seen how i did. it so these are our. similar candle twin towers right here and.

This is our harami right right here. right that is the place we’re at within the. market. okay i literally will go in for a buy. cease. at 1.20347. and go for a take profit at one point. two zero 4 two two now. that is what i do that is literally what. i do now. that’s your help and resistant traces. trick you may say okay nicely i need to. ensure. that that is going to go well proper. because. this is now your new assist line this. just isn’t your resistant line this is not. your help line this isn’t your. resistant line okay. so when you go in right right here at your new. help line. you’ll have the ability to definitely have it dragged up to. this. take profit up here as a result of as you guys. can see beforehand it has been above. that take revenue proper. now i’ll wish to swap up my candles. so i am switch as much as. on the hike and ashy. and the climbing ashy is actually going.

To tell you. what goes on okay so. climbing ashy is my go. to you hear me um should you don’t. like to do your buy stops or sell stops. um that is what i take advantage of for my climbing ashy. okay so i typically will go to my hike. and ashy. and my hike truly simply principally. tells you when’s a great buy and wins a. good sale. um you at all times need to search for your. solid. flat bottoms flat bottoms or your stable. flat tops. flat tops flat tops flat tops right any. time that you just see your flat tops. that could additionally be a good place to enter that. market execution and press sale. anytime that you simply see a flat bottom that. is a perfect alternative so that you can get. in. market execution and go in for a five. now the one factor about that’s that. you continue to have to grasp where are. your helps and the place are your. resistant traces. because guys look what have happened.

Let’s say you had gotten in on this. first candle since you’ve seen that it. was a flat bot. a flat top right and i all the time advise my. students to get in. when is a flat top second candle. never get in on the first spherical as a end result of. generally the market can sort of um. trick you out and simply principally take. your money and that is it. bear in mind the market just isn’t your friend. sure you can even make money. however don’t get greedy because the market. will literally make. and take the money that you simply earned. plus all of the money that is in your. account. actually okay so don’t be greedy in. this market this is not one thing that. just immediately gets you rich in 2.5. seconds because that’s not the case. if it was the case everyone could be a. millionaire. everybody see right here on this candle. this is a flat high okay like i advised you.

Previously you’re going to get in for a. sale. now you got in for a sale and let’s say. you don’t have to take revenue down you. don’t have to take profit because you. don’t know where it’s going to cease. right you may have a take profit. however is you don’t have to take revenue so. like let’s say this is 15 minutes every. candle is 15 minutes so this was 15. minutes this was 15 minutes that is 15. minutes quarter-hour. quarter-hour in order that’s pretty much a whole. hour. okay it is a complete hour half-hour. maybe simply mainly two hours you. waited two hours to make. your whole money. i am gonna go right here. and let’s say you stopped here right. in order that was just about thirteen pips. thirteen pips okay you made thirteen pips. in two hours but you technically did not. make 13 pips. because you really made nine pips. as a outcome of the market started to go back up. as a outcome of you did not have.

A take profit proper so that’s why i say. it is essential to have a take. profit guys. actually necessary um if you don’t have a. take profit you’re going to lose your. cash or you’re not going to generate income. at all. um so yes. i always advise to get in on my second. candle as a outcome of your first candle can. always identical to with right here. um it might have been a flat prime and. then what it did was pretty much. it type of went down after which it. mainly showed a wick. right so if you’ve seen that okay bam. i’m not gonna get in there. now if i see this that is our first flat. top. although that’s our first flat top. i’m still not gonna get in it as a end result of. i am gonna wait until the second round. because with me i only need 10 pips and. i’m dipping. literally i don’t need more than 10 pips. i don’t want it. so i’m going in on the second candle and.

Then i’m going to put this i already. have my strains right i. went from my lines from where it is at. previously. i would literally have my take revenue at. this line right here which is 1.20347. and that i actually rolled it down until. here and made my money. in bounce and i did not have to have a look at. my cellphone i did not have to look at. something. i simply actually put that in earlier than i. went to class. after which once i got out of class or. completed studying i look back at my. telephone and i am in profits already made my. money for the day. positive ensure make certain that you’re not. grasping from this market. your greed will let you be broke. critically your greed will turn you broke. real fast on this market so don’t take. this chance. and make it seem that oh my gosh i am. about to win every commerce. because no i do lose available in the market but i.