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I made seven bucks perhaps i may go get. a cup of espresso that is an possibility. oh hey welcome again to the channel i received. that espresso i was mentioning and that i received. one thing else for you that aud usd. trade you understand the one that i stuffed. last time that you understand kind of went. against me and acquired me this espresso. properly it turned out to be a little bit. bigger of a story than what you saw last. time come on in i am going to present you. hey guys welcome again to another stay. trading video i’m taking a look here at. aud usd and that i simply picked up a brief. position here uh just a few minutes in the past. and shared it within our non-public. discord channel on this video what i’m. going to be doing is reside trading. that means these are real trades that is on. a real brokerage account i know it is not. you realize 50 heaps or anything loopy like. that however it is actual cash and it is real.

Trading and whether or not this trade is a. winner or a loser i’ll be placing it up. on youtube so that you can watch start to. finish so if you’d like to see what a. actual commerce could look like for uh someone. uh i’m gonna pat myself on the back here. however i have been doing this for about six. years and that is what a real trade. appears prefer to me again whether this. commerce is actual or worthwhile or not it is. an actual commerce so with that said what i’m. going to do right here is i will clarify. the entry right here first. and then i’ll pause the video and provides. it some time to truly play out so i. just took this trade only a few minutes. ago and my preliminary aim right here is to danger. 20 pips so i am risking uh 20 pips here. on aud usd i picked up a brief place. only a moment ago and my lot dimension is .fifty five. or fifty five 000 items. on the short side so i took a sell commerce.

So. what’s the reasoning behind the trade. properly there is a couple totally different options. however one of the main things truly one. of the best methods to do that is just. to tug up the commerce alert that i shared. so let me do this. so here is the trade alert that i sent. inside the group in phrases of. technical evaluation you possibly can see the. picture that i shared here’s the entry. right as i sent it so i mentioned retest. resistance level the 50 retracement a. downtrend construction on the 4hour and. every day chart and a powerful overall us. greenback right now. elementary evaluation inflation numbers. really came out this morning which. were fairly high from the us which. initially brought on some volatility and my. concept right here is that i said uh this might. result in the fed can uh principally. continuing its aggressive tightening. stance on financial policy to fight that.

High inflation figure proper in order that. might trigger some dollar energy total. that is my idea a minimal of i have been bought. greenback constructive or dollar bullish for. the last several months so we’ll see if. that can continue uh and could even. strain them to consider rate hikes uh. sooner than anticipated so overall greenback a. greenback bowler’s place uh and now my. stance is clear with an aud usd quick so. there was the entry so i just shared. like i stated the picture uh the entry. level my stop loss and i do not have a. take profit which i’m going to discuss. about in just a second so with every. commerce that i normally absorb my trend. following idea. my technique is this i take a commerce i. have a cease loss. and if price goes in opposition to me i will just. stop out and take a really small loss this. just isn’t going to break the bank it isn’t.

The end of the world and it won’t harm. the account that much so worst case is. not that dangerous greatest case however is what. if this factor decides to really play. out to my analysis and tendencies and tendencies. and tendencies decrease that may be the ideal. scenario so i am floating 36 dollars on. the commerce which is not a foul start. considering i simply took the position however. um again price came up to this zone here. that i mentioned in the commerce alert that. was shared in discord. and up to now has began already making. its move again down now we’ll see if that. can proceed but my goal right here is to not. necessarily take revenue i guess i could. set a take profit if i would like possibly. one thing like this may be reasonable. but for me what i like to do is i like. to lock in profit with my trailing cease. loss so if value strikes down my goal is.

To take this cease loss and to move it to. break even and if it keeps going down. then i will look to trail my cease. additional you may ask well when do you. know when to path stops i like to use. value action and construction to make that. choice so a pair areas of interest. we will mark some support right here and. support right here so i would like to see. price get right down to those ranges earlier than. attempting to maneuver my stop loss because from. there perhaps we do see just to bounce. again up and in that case i will just. defend the commerce take a break even and. transfer on however finest case state of affairs can be. it keeps dropping breaks through assist. and continues the trend that we saw on. the upper time frames like i discussed. in my trade submit to members so i stated my. 4 hour chart right here appears pretty. bearish you’ll have the ability to see i’ve been shorting.

This i took a short right here lined right here. took a short here covered here and now. trying to take another short within the. vip group so we’ll see if that can play. out so again that’s the entry that’s. the idea so far this is a onehour view. of the position repeatedly my objective. is to keep the stoploss on initially. however hopefully be capable of take my threat. off the desk and continue to path my. cease into profit and possibly even catch a. nice winner so with that said i will pause. the video sitting at forty seven of profit open. right now and we’ll give it some time to. play out and are available again soon. all right guys and identical to that worth. truly dropped really fast on aud usd. much better than i used to be anticipating it to. do but. hey generally the market does some loopy. stuff so uh there was my entry like i. said before i entered on this candle.

Here on the earlier bar and sure enough. that pullback was simply met with lots of. uh cell strain which i guess plenty of. people had the identical thought as i did however i. am floating 137 dollars of profit right here. on the trade right now part of me desires. to simply say perhaps i should just close. out of the commerce and take revenue now so. that i can simply be carried out however once more my. trading technique uh has been something. that i’ve been working on for a protracted. time or it has been one thing i’ve been. working with for a really lengthy time and i trust. the method i do know that at the end of. the day even if this commerce comes all the. method again and tags me out for break even. which i’ve now trailed my stoploss to. break even uh you understand that is the worst. case state of affairs the most effective case situation is. each once in a while i get a trade like. this and it just drops way more so.

I am trying to path stops here i am not. going to be greedy and simply grab cash. simply because i see it i will let. this commerce play out and try to use. patience to let this market do the most. that it is prepared to take action again. floating a hundred and thirty dollars i. just made an replace to the members. inside the group that i simply moved my. stoploss to interrupt even and shout out to. anyone else who was quick on that transfer. very nice little drop there on aud usd. all proper guys and issues are trying. really good on this aud usd place i. just got again from lunch and certain enough. the last few hours we have seen. continued downside in order that degree that i. marked seemed to have been a really nice. entry and that i just wish to take this. opportunity to say that you understand should you. watch sufficient of my buying and selling movies you’ll.

Notice that there are times the place i take. an entry and then immediately the market. just goes against me and stops me out. in a quick time there are different instances where. issues go nowhere for a while they usually. drop or they go nowhere for a while then. they rally but ultimately the nature of. my buying and selling is that sometimes i get it. really really right sometimes and most. instances it’s break even or not proper however. the goal here is to not be proper every. time the objective is like on this situation. uh we’ve got one thing right here so we’ve. clearly found a degree that labored out. very nicely that stage of resistance was. stunning and sellers came in heavy on. that which is ideal however now is the. half the place truly issues start to. really matter as a outcome of now it’s not about. you realize okay clearly the entry was. good right there’s no dispute there was.

A good entry but how will we manage the. trade from right here what can we do to make. sure that this commerce offers us the. maximal quantity of profit well uh there’s. a doubleedged sword as a end result of if i transfer. this stop loss down which i have done. the the danger that i am taking is that. this factor could pop up tag me out and. then drop further proper and that has. occurred to me more than once trust me. i’ve been coaching for a protracted time you. name one thing occurred i’ve seen it. in all probability so anyways the point right here is. that i have chosen to do this and that. is the danger that i am taking with any. motion that you take in buying and selling there’s. an upside and a downside the draw back is. that i’m risking uh presumably getting. tagged out earlier than price continues decrease. now the upside is that i’m locking in. some profit on the trade at this level.

The worst case state of affairs is i feel i. make around 100 and ten dollars. which is a good chance because the. worst attainable scenario i’m floating. round 230 dollars here so my aim right here. ideally wouldn’t be to see this thing. stop out ideally we could see this factor. proceed to trend decrease and again trend. here to the downside is in our favor so. i’m just looking for some followthrough. if we get followthrough i’ll proceed. to path this stop and follow price down. using worth action which is part of the. buying and selling uh concept right here that i had here. so once more this space marked in green i am. actually utilizing this structure as a. barrier for a level of resistance so if. worth comes all the way in which up right here i am. hoping to see sellers resume earlier than it. will get up so far in any other case i will. take that as my signal to exit the trade.

And take my profit so that’s where i am. at i simply shared this alert with members. or the replace on my commerce right here so you. can see uh the commerce the replace that i. that i made right here just so merchants can see. uh the way i am considering throughout the. commerce inside of the group so. once more uh that might be there for these of. you guys who’re members that is the place. you’ll find my trades all the time and. when you’re not yet keep in mind there is your. information down beneath in the. description if you would like to hitch us so. with that said i’ll pause the video give. it some more time and we’ll come again. quickly. and there it goes once more you guys aud usd. persevering with to path decrease here and i’ve. simply moved my stoploss into about 200. or so give or take of revenue locked in. on this place this has kind of been a. loopy trade all to happen in a single single.

Day normally when i film these uh for you. guys they take me a couple days to love. actually get anything going as a end result of most. of the time the market you realize spends a. lot of time forwards and backwards and not. making a choice but uh right now with this. commerce we have much more choice than. i even thought we were gonna get which. is plenty of sell facet action oh yeah. it is all coming together. so i’m at present floating if we zoom in. right here you presumably can see i am up. 345. on. the trade and uh that is a pretty loopy. transfer for a single day like i mentioned you. know uh 345 is not so bad particularly i. truly usually when i take these. trades i take them on a couple of. account uh and so i’m up general i feel. about 600 seven hundred today on this one move. which is fairly dang good i will. definitely take it not going to complain. about that.

So as i discussed i did move my cease. loss a little into profit right here or a. little bit extra into profit we had been. already in revenue now we’re locking in. a bit more on the commerce so what i’ve. done is i mainly said okay value was. discovering some level of help here you. can see we bounced off that once here. and somewhat bit there uh that was a. little bit of a hesitation point but. then with this latest price motion this. candle proper right here closed good beneath it. and that i basically use that now as my. checkpoint so what i what i imply by that. is uh this stage of structure was damaged. to the downside so that’s displaying okay. bears are in control at this degree for. now uh if that adjustments if issues begin. to reverse enough to break through that. then i am gonna go ahead and just take my. revenue on this trade again i am locking.

Over 200 i believe it is like 210 on this. commerce so again pretty great place to be in. in a worst case scenario from right here at. this point it’s no longer whether or. not the market will pay me it is simply. whether or not or not how much the market wants. to really uh offer me right here so i am. gonna be affected person i am gonna not get. greedy and take my profit just because i. see a number as a result of keep in mind had we. carried out that earlier we might have taken a. hundred dollars you understand it is considered one of. those issues you have to be. no much less than in my trading style and. strategy i definitely have to make use of. sufficient self-discipline to carry on to a winner. in case you realize this thing needs to. proceed to collapse down who’s to say. you know it could’t be down way further. tomorrow and if that’s the case of. course i’ll be filming the update for. you guys here because again this is real.

True live buying and selling and if that’s. something that you like hit that like. button hit that subscribe button and. with that said i will pause the video. proper now i i should also add that i did. simply make the notification update to. members so should you guys are one of many. members in there then you must have. already seen a alert come out from uh. from myself on this commerce replace so we. are locked in and uh simply gonna proceed. to let it path. there it goes again you guys taking a glance at. the one hour chart you possibly can see. simply exactly what we had been on the lookout for. right here taking part in out on aud usd uh and i’m. not gonna lie i’m very happy with how. this trade is going obviously. things are going very well we entered. here just the same day we have had only a. absolute uh waterfall to the draw back. which is the best situation if you’re. brief so i wish i might say every trade.

Of mine is like this but i am gonna be. utterly honest and tell you that very. few of my trades play out this. superbly however once more entered back right here. now running very very good to the. draw back uh at this point we are. at present floating a ninety almost a 90 pip. 88 or so pips to the downside there on. the commerce that’s an unimaginable transfer for. a single day on a foreign money pair like aud. usd you might say nicely nick i commerce gold. and 88 pips is nothing however once more. remember pips are less necessary than. what you are risking in terms of uh you. know reward relative to your threat proper. because you possibly can take a different size. lot dimension and alter that what’s matt. what matters more than the pip distance. is really the risk that you just took. relative to the reward that you’re. at present sitting on speaking of that we. have really trailed this stop yet.

Again right here. locking in at the very worst case simply. about 300 on this commerce i do have this. open on a second uh account as nicely. which can be floating some profits i’m. simply preserving observe on this commerce but. in course of the top i am going to show you what the. ending outcome for both accounts was but. ending up uh proper now locking in fifty eight. pips or so here which is an attractive. beautiful worst case situation so even if. this factor begins reverse i am actually. going to be completely fantastic to take. profits there but after all i am not. going to rush to conclusions if this. factor wants to you understand roll over and. respect construction additional and continue. down i am not going to attempt to cease it. i’m going to continue to trail that cease. so you would possibly ask the place have i put my. stop loss well. remember in the final one we had noticed. that price uh examine this out by the way in which.

Our cease loss was like up here right. price popped up respected the zone. beautifully and i’m telling you guys. everything in this commerce is working out. and i’m not saying that to brag as a result of. like i said uh earlier not all my trades. are like this i am not a i’m not a pretend. guru i am not going to return out right here and. present you that oh i only win no i really. do not however this is a nice great trade. right here for me this is one thing that’s. simply figuring out in accordance with plan which. uh generally it does generally it. would not however when it does it’s a. beautiful thing and so we’re seeing this. factor observe by way of and continue to. respect market construction so my bearish. thesis uh on this case has performed out. beautifully and you’ll even see the. stoploss order placement that we had on. the previous uh before this this. recording uh this current recording was.

In a nice spot too so we saw market. construction respect this space proceed to. drop lower and now have been in a place to. lock in additional profit and once more it is a. great situation or a fantastic example as to. why i don’t just say hey you realize what. i will simply take revenue as a outcome of. we have dropped proper had i taken revenue. here i might have left extra on the desk. and who is aware of you understand this thing. dropping like this might drop another. several candles like this and have the ability to. you know trail stops further however once more. i’m not going to draw conclusions i’m. not a predicted a prediction primarily based. dealer i am a reactionary trader meaning. i’m seeking to trail stops follow. structure and generate income when the market. permits me to so with that stated i’m. going to go forward and pause but once more. and be again in the morning it’s 10.

O’clock at night i am about to go to. mattress figured i’d just do a fast. update with that said i am going to pause and. come again. and this thing just keeps rocking and. rolling you guys you got aud usd shifting. lower here into the following day. right here or not the subsequent day the the next. session right here starting into the asian. session at present we’re seeing this factor. escape of what was sort of today’s. structure low and now once more i have moved. my stoploss further into revenue here. locking in an excellent bit of revenue right here so. on this account i’m floating 570 and. just to point out you the opposite account i’m. floating at the worst case if this thing. closes out for a adverse uh. or not a unfavorable still for a revenue. worst case could be locking in 73 pips. there you can zoom in uh proper there if. you’d like 72.9 and a profit on this. commerce at 284 dollars so between the two.

There we’re in an excellent spot i feel. i am locking in 400 right here 280 on the opposite. so somewhere in the neighborhood of 650. to seven-hundred locked in in the worst case. state of affairs on this single trade life’s. been good to me. this has been certainly one of my better trades. this uh this month and really one of the. higher trades that i’ve had within the last. few weeks actually so happy to have this. thing playing out the way we were hoping. for there’s the entry and now you’ll be able to. see it’s really long gone since we have. been there and now what i’ve carried out here. is i’ve had i’ve truly trailed that. stoploss simply above the place we swung up. to earlier on in at present’s worth motion. going into the subsequent session i’d like to. both cease out for my revenue there. earlier than friday uh it is thursday the time. of filming this but for now it does seem. like value needs to try to go decrease so.

If it wants to attempt this once more that’s why. i have this trailing cease i am not just. going to take revenue just because i see. revenue because again over here i might. have taken you realize a hundred off the desk. and given up in this case a worst case. of you know several tons of locked in. at this level so once more floating about a. what is that a five to a minimum of one now so or um. you realize my preliminary threat was like a. hundred bucks so 570 almost a six occasions. my risk position which is a great nice. return uh to be in in any scenario so. loving the commerce up to now what we’ll do is. we’ll pause the video and i simply sent. this replace to members uh within the discord. so they’ll be. able to see what’s been happening so. anytime i update the trades i simply lock. them in there for everyone to see so. once more if you are within the group and you’ve. been uh you understand congrats to the guy.

Bears out there on aud usd there could additionally be. people who find themselves playing this even higher. than me you understand you generally you i will. get messages from people who discover themselves buying and selling. it inside the group too however they will. trade it even better than me they’re going to. maintain on longer or they will select to take. profit at an excellent time or something like. that so that’s sort of the perks of. being within the group but in any case um. data on that’s down below within the. description with that stated i’ll pause. the video and we’ll come again as quickly as. things get going once more. all right guys and we are all out of aud. usd right here this is the subsequent week it’s. really been a few days since my final. update on this trade i actually filmed. this before but unfortunately the file. was not saved appropriately or one thing. like that but. just a recap of the trade right here we’ll.

Take a have a look at the end end result so on one. of my accounts i showed you both earlier. on certainly one of them i was able to take out a. profit right here so we ended up remember. getting in over right here worth got here all the. method down and uh once i moved my. stoploss i am glad that i did as a result of. you’ll have the ability to see price really started to. reverse but ended up closing out of the. trade somewhere around here for a profit. of 420 on the primary account and on my. second account here will pop up the. earnings for each of them. 292.89. not a bad commerce at all was capable of. capitalize on this transfer here and now as. price is reversing or no much less than starting. to tug back right here it appears like we could. even get some new opportunities for extra. commerce setups now uh before we go please. remember that all the trades that i take. you’ll find a way to see within our private. discord group which is linked down.