Live Trading (NAS100) (GBPUSD) – $400 to $1000 In 1 Hour and 20 Minutes | FOREX

You are a. great god. what’s good youtube it’s your boy doyle. back with another. video right now’s video is gonna be. completely different um i simply put four hundred. into this buying and selling account um i really. simply placed the commerce on my larger. account on this setup right here. and that i scalped it. and. um i noticed that the dxy was reversing so i. obtained out someplace up in right here we’ve to. just commerce right right here for a buy on my um. my common account after which i got out. however i am like you know what let me um. document this. video of me trying to flip four hundred to a. thousand. in one single day so um. yeah that’s what we’re trying to do. at present i do not understand how lengthy this video. is going to take. however i am decided to get this to a. thousand dollars by the tip of this. video. all proper so um if it break below this. candle i’ll get in for a sale. um take a look at what nash simply did like look.

At what nas simply did matter of truth. i am gonna put me back over right here. have a look at that. some stuff is simply unpredictable you. can’t predict stuff like that who knew. it was gonna do this no one um. yeah. but i am about to get in for this sale. more. you see i am clicking it can’t even do it. cannot even do it. bruh i’m just gonna maintain clicking till. it turns into valid. i assume not i assume not bro. i guess not bro. let’s strive 50 can we do 50. let’s try 50.. all right. yeah look like we will get it. i kind of want to be gritty i kind of. wish to be greedy i’m not going to. type of wish to be gritty. not even gonna maintain you bro. but no i am not see that’s the emotions. coming in. just gonna take this and then we’re. gonna look for one other setup. it is about to hit tp. see that was my old me kicking in like i. wish to be greedy i want to take more.

But bro that is literally demand proper. right here bro like actually. so. even if it blasts through i would somewhat be. safe than sorry because sometimes these. excessive chance provide and demands they. just tap into it growth they’re accomplished. there’s no dialogue there’s no nothing. so i am going to take that little dub. now look look now nas establishing for me. so. i’ll take that truthfully i am gonna maintain. it a bug patrol. no i am not gonna go towards it i am not. gonna go in opposition to it but. it may be good to see what it do. now let us take a look at nas. nas is approaching. a level actually at this very moment. proper now. and if we get some counters to interrupt. above i’ll get in for the purchase. so i am not somewhat bit. yeah we pertaining to the zone proper there. okay cool. because nas do not i imply knives do look. good do not get me mistaken but this look. good too.

I’m about to take a chance on this. i used to be talking mess about gu however honestly. ah these these setups each look good i’m. not gonna lie man they each look good. but this is on uh demand and we nonetheless. gotta fill in that gap. you know i am saying like. i like this i like this i’m not gonna. lie i like this setup and i feel i’m. going to take it. i believe i’m going to take it bruh. even although i need to commerce nice however. that is just wanting too good bro. see how this full margin that that was. nice. all right. so. we closed these. we got 700 we got to get one other commerce. and. the dsy remains to be bullish bro so that’s. why i received out as a outcome of it is super bullish. so we’re simply going to shut those. positions. and yeah. okay we’re going to get in for a sale. proper right here. for sale. so that is additionally a stage right right here. let me simply do a little quick little.

Recap bro as a result of i do know i’m fairly positive. y’all wasn’t capable of see that commerce. so. i took a sale. this this is the level that i marked up. is the level that i marked up. and i took a sale once it broke down. right here it got up in this space and that i took. revenue as a result of we’re reaching a degree so. that’s how. um. the account obtained to 800 okay so it’s at. 800 proper now. and yeah okay so i simply want to say that. as a end result of i really feel like i didn’t i wasn’t. in a position to see this commerce. and that’s irritating. and now it is dropping this might have. been the trade that could have gotten me to. 200.. um i am irritated. i’m irritated. all right so let’s look like a assist. being created right right here so i’m gonna. get in for a buy right here. and we’re going to attempt to get to 200. so i obtained in as a result of we got continually. rejections proper here. constantine rejections right here.

And yeah. like i mentioned i am assured and biased i am. not confident in gross sales. and virtually there. um we obtained like what. 20 extra dollars to go 30 more dollars to. go. and then we’re going to shut it. and that i’ll attain my aim let’s go. yeah whenever you train small accounts bro. you bought to be careful man. you got to be actually cautious bro um that. took how many trades that took that took. one trade right right here. two. two trades. um. took a sale proper here three 4 trades. so i took 4 trades four hundred to um a. thousand dollars. in one single day that is not even really. that immaculate to me because i like. doing 1000’s in a day however. for anyone to have a small account and. really feel such as you cannot develop it. exponentially you’ll have the ability to you simply gotta. have the talent bro i promise you you. gotta have the ability bro. it’s not even concerning the account measurement if.

You actually know how to get in pick your. your pockets to get in in and out of the. market however you are able to do no matter you need. in the market i am not gonna lie. but uh that is all i got in this video. man that was my goal from as quickly as i. turned this camera on four hundred thousand. made it to a thousand i got out. um. let me just break down each single. commerce simply do a little recap. so proper right here this is a common break. and retest. common breaking retest i took that sale. quickly i took that sale i saw a excessive. chance demand. took that demand for a buy. um the dxy was super bullish at present so i. did not wish to maintain that uh purchase as a end result of. if the dxy goes up gu goes to go. down so since dxy was um very bullish i. obtained out closed out. however by that time i was up about 700 on. gu. after which i took this sale right here. i took this sale.

Exactly right right here i like i like this. candle right right here as a outcome of it it’s. liquidity grab i obtained in type of late for. a sale. and that i closed out proper here that was a. quick fast scalp i solely really. advocate to commerce like that but you bought. to watch out with these small accounts. i don’t even suggest anybody trade. indices if you have underneath a thousand. dollars as a end result of we just understand how. unstable this instrument is. so. after um. it dropped it began disrespecting the. zone that i had marked up proper here had. a zone right right here marked up and you see. how. these two candles disrespect it so it. gets deleted that’s that is just the way it. is that if it do not respect the extent it is. getting deleted as a end result of they don’t care. about that level and i’ll begin seeing. value motion um start to reject to the. to the downside and we have a down up.

Candle so this was simply me simply buying and selling. pure value motion right right here. and i obtained in for the buy up in right here and. that gave me the extra 200 so i hope i. gained some worth from this um. this account flip video. however you can do anything you need within the. market bro. and. i do know folks like bro you you in all probability. doing a little extreme scalping that’s not. really trading but honestly you can. commerce how you need if you know the way to. commerce your type and you realize when to. get in when to get out you can do. whatever you want bro there’s no rules. to this bro however don’t simply be reckless. with it do not be over leveraging this. that is over leveraging video but i just. need to just show to somebody that you just. do not need some large cash. to develop it in a short amount of time. like you got to get the ability first once. you get the talent and you see your excessive.