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Uh. three two one my name is nick i’m a. fulltime trader and entrepreneur we put. out tons of stuff free of charge for trader. these are real trades this is actual cash. i’m putting my money on the line that is. going to be a live buying and selling video here. locking in over a thousand dollars on. this commerce wow i might love to get in on. this technical insights that basically look. good to me here we go we’re live. well what’s up guys and welcome back to. one other stay stream. hope you are doing properly uh let me simply. ensure everything is located on the. digital camera facet of things. right now is wednesday it’s uh november. seventeenth we’re coming in path of the end of. the 12 months which is sort of loopy man it. is uh it feels prefer it’s been a quick. 12 months but it’s been a really uh. very. a lot of progress for uh for for me on my. end uh this last 12 months i hope you guys uh.

Feel like the identical 2020 was a rough 12 months. for lots of people 2021 was positively. a comeback for for some but in other. ways still kind of a tough 12 months but. either methods by way of buying and selling there’s. been some really good setups and 2021. has been certainly one of my higher buying and selling years. and recently with this us dollar. strength things have simply stored going and. going and going and been really really. good if we take a quick look here. beginning out at present with the dxy um that. greenback man it does not need to stop. proper it simply retains going and going uh i. feel like i feel like the dollar move. here that we’re seeing is one thing. that is been type of in progress in you. know kind of been ready to happen for. a substantial period of time um and what. i mean by that is let’s just take a. quick seem like a macro scale look at.

The dollar right if you take a glance at the. dollar what occurred again in 2020. speaking in in reference to some of that. craziness that we noticed last 12 months proper. we noticed during 2020. a roller coaster on the dollar so the. dxy for these of you guys who are newer. to my streams and you have not seen the. dxy earlier than the dxy is just like the us greenback. forex index okay and so after we look. at this proper. we saw this huge dip initially in the. dollar. proper. after which uh well we noticed we saw january. begin out robust for the dollar and then. unexpectedly we dropped like loopy. then the dollar spiked insanely right. in course of the uh in the direction of uh proper round. march and going into uh april proper. round that time the place we had the inventory. market drop like loopy but then since. then we’ve seen the dollar do kind of. this actually actually massive decline and part.

Of the reaction to this was oh my gosh. the fed is going to should print so. much cash. to be able to. pay again. you know companies to maintain companies. alive uh and to you know ship out those. stimulus checks proper sending out. stimulus checks throughout the board not. simply in the u.s however everywhere in the world. there was stimulus being you know carried out. to keep things afloat proper that triggered. the dollar to dramatically decline but. then kind of within the last um. section of recovery right here or not the last. part however you realize what i imply just like the. last time frame that we’ve been. taking a glance at it the the reason part of the. purpose that i’ve been bullish on the. greenback is as a end result of. things have been progressively getting. higher um in terms of unemployment fee. dropping and gdp progress coming back to. regular people getting back to work proper.

Those issues are good for the financial system. and so uh now we’ve shifted into this. time period where we mainly uh are. seeing central banks looking to step. again in the course of price hikes they’re looking. to return on uh the opposite path. proper things have normalized slightly. bit and now banks want to type of. go for that uh higher interest rate hike. proper because a printing stimulus and. inflicting inflation isn’t something that. central banks wish to do long term it is. something that they type of had to do. brief time period and now uh there’s some. confidence coming into the dollar in. reaction to the strength or that. optimistic. outlook that you realize the fed is. in all probability going to look to. proceed tightening financial coverage and. possibly even look to. raise rates before anticipated that is. why the dollar has been so incredibly.

Strong and partially why i’ve been so. bullish within the dollar for the last. several weeks. so. let me simply make sure i am studying some. of you guys’s feedback here this morning. thanks by the greatest way for being right here for. those of you who come every single day and also you. hand around in the streams you guys are. awesome um it’s it is all the time cool simply to. have individuals who show up and keep doing. analysis with me throughout the week and. simply hold coming back thanks nick for. sharing information because of you i can. make money consistently hey you know. what it isn’t due to me it is as a end result of. of you right you showing up you putting. in the hours you’re placing within the work. i can’t try this stuff for you you’ve obtained. to do it for yourself and also you being right here. and placing within the effort that’s you. know up to you and and so good for you.

Good for you if you’re reaching the. point where you are beginning to see. consistency and also you’re improving in your. buying and selling um so. good morning uh. good morning from the london session we. received uh. people from all over the world actually. just finished watching the previous stay. and here you go live nice time hey good. i am glad that you just uh tuned in to the. previous one as nicely. so uh yeah let’s talk about this greenback. move a little bit more and then we’ll. start looking at some currency. pairs now um the factor i will say right here. is that if we get this regression pattern which. you realize should you’ve been watching my. stuff the earlier few weeks or so or last. week or so i have been enjoying around with. this regression trend line um and so. what i want to level out here is that. this is the dxy on the daily chart proper. this is a larger time-frame view of the.

Dollar and uh once we look at this proper. the greenback has been actually actually sturdy. but it does seem like it might be able to. to peak now when i say that allow me let. me be very cautious because plenty of. traders will hear that and be like oh. okay so i should quick the greenback and i. am not a fan of shorting the greenback at. all proper now like there isn’t any reason i. can be shorting although this factor. looks like it might be somewhat drained and. a little bit stretched to the upside. once more that does not always maintain true and. typically you get these insane breakouts. and issues can simply keep going and going. i am bullish on this i have been only. taking long trades on the greenback for the. last several months here and so that’s. for me i am only on the lookout for lengthy setups. but what that does imply is that i may. not be so interested in taking.

Additional lengthy setups when value is all. the best way up right here proper i might like to see. price normalized i’d like to see value. pull again again to maybe you know fair. value on the center of this pattern line. uh or just you know even stretch into. that oversold status however again i am not. in a rush to take action as a result of i do. currently have a dollar place open. and also you guessed it if you’ve been. watching my streams you watching my. content material in fact i’m nonetheless short on. aud usd are you kidding me i’ve been. brief shorting this thing persistently. for the last uh two weeks or so and um. you realize some have labored better than. others but we’ll just recap type of. the place i have been with this so uh. let me see yeah so i ended up shorting. right here right and covering right here so we took. that commerce then i shorted here i lined. for just a bit bit better than break.

Even right here that was just a break even. trade we’ll keep going you’ll be able to see and. by the way in which i’m taking a look at these orders. these are orders from my dealer that i’m. unlocked into uh here on on tradingview. and so bam and then all the method in which down. right here bam that was most likely considered one of my. better trades in the earlier few weeks uh. after which now i am currently sitting back. into one other position on the short side. i mean this thing this factor is just. setting them up for me to a degree the place. i kind of have to take advantage of to. take these pictures when i see them so i’ve. been simply trading aud usd time and again. and over i am at present floating 220. bucks on this trade which i do know isn’t. that big however. you realize i’ve saved my place sizes. small and. there is a function behind that i do not. prefer to risk plenty of my account when i. take trades i prefer to danger small and i.

Like to handle risk so from right here a cool. spot to be in because my commerce is now. locked in on breakeven and i’m actually. contemplating moving my stop loss in reality. when you’re taking a look at aud usd right here with. me at present uh should you’re within the. group i shall be sharing my updated. stoploss at some point right here uh during. the day i will be trailing some some. revenue in on this so officially going to. be a worthwhile commerce on this certainly one of. course if you do not know what i am. speaking about inside our non-public. discord uh each commerce that i take. whether it is a long brief whatever. forex pair entry exit cease loss all. that stuff i share it inside the. discord and let me see if i can present you. what that type of appears like so right here you. go so uh here is the discord where i. share all the trades so this is the. i said i’m i’m but again back in on a.

Aud usd quick because i’ve just been. shorting this thing so much just lately i. imply every thing i really feel like has simply. been i took one was yeah this was a one. loss that i took on gbp usd but exterior. of that the final two weeks or so all. i have been doing is taking this same. comparable setup which is that aud usd. brief. so i each commerce that i take like i said. it will get dropped in here so if i if i. take a long if i take short whatever. reason. it is not just a signal service i am not a. massive fan of similar to copying signals. from people the goal is to share the. full breakdowns with each commerce that. i am taking you realize share the insights. and and the major points as to why i am doing. it not simply so that you know i am not i’m. not i am not here to simply inform folks to. copy me like that is i believe that is a. losing method in trading i feel you.

Sort of need to know what you are doing. and why whenever you’re buying and selling because if. you don’t uh you understand you would be. driving your self off a cliff and not. even realize it right that’s the danger. of buying and selling with out danger administration the. buying and selling without correct you understand. understanding of how to place dimension. and things like that so anyways uh yeah. i am i’m still quick and later at present or. fairly soon after the stream in all probability i. ought to update my place if you guys. are uh inside the group you may see my. my update there sometime after. um ivan good to see you in the stream. ivan we talked in regards to the aud usd quick. facet did you catch any of it i am uh i’m. i am curious as to see if you should you. caught any of that. there you may be cutie nicely good to see you. ivan thanks for being right here um. yeah so. let’s uh let’s maintain going i will not keep.

Talking about this i know i know i’ve. been talking about the aud usd trade i. know some people are probably like nick. please do one thing else other than aud. usd and i’m sorry it’s simply it is just. when the. when the trades are good it is like man. it is uh. it’s a nice feeling and you must. somebody someone was like somebody was. saying nick i feel you are getting a. little uh cocky with your aed usd trades. and i don’t imply that i i know this. person they didn’t mean it like a like. imply way however i used to be similar to yeah you. know what i think i type of am i am sorry. about that like actually as a end result of the. factor is when like in terms of. buying and selling. there’s a lot time the place it’s break. even and small losses and backwards and forwards. that when it does lastly come time that. you are really making some good strikes. right the market’s taking part in out the way.

That you’re you are liking to. these are the instances to really you know. weigh in and and make your cash proper. that is what we’re right here to do is i’m i am. you know not daily is a profitable. day trust me however when you are hitting it. that is the time to to you understand actually. um hold doing what you’re doing and i. will say this too i also you realize i am a. huge fan of when you take a win streak. and also you begin feeling that little uh. invincible feeling in the markets um. which truthfully you understand you anybody can. feel i really feel typically right if you. begin attending to that time i wish to. truly reduce my position measurement and. that’s a tip that i learned from somebody. else that i do know uh. that you realize that was one of their. their tips is principally. should you really feel like you maintain successful and. profitable and successful it’s a good idea to.

Just cut back your position dimension and take. a chill tablet and anticipate that a loss is. coming around the nook because all of us. take losses at one level or another um. okay this is one euro usd we’ll take a. have a look at euro greenback and oh my gosh i. mean i have not checked out this you guys. for for. a little bit right here however i imply this factor. just retains going to the draw back and. similar with a lot of these dollar pairs or. issues going against the dollar the. dollar just seems to be winning now of. course i am gonna sound like a broken. document right here but i can not short this proper. i cannot quick this anyplace on this. zone i’ve to quick this if i was to. brief it it would have to be at a retest. of 61.eight now i will say this you. guys i have my commerce open proper um. so i am not in a rush to take an entire. bunch extra you guys i’m i’m short on the.

Aussie in opposition to the greenback i am holding. that position i’m letting it run so i am. not going to hurry into more trades so i. have that i can afford to be a little. bit pickier and so for me choosy on this. means this could be a clean setup even when we. know it’s far away right. i’ve got to wait proper and so i’ve my. trades open like i mentioned uh you know and. so i haven’t got to rush into taking a. whole bunch extra trades i’m not a big. believer that you should be buying and selling all. the time in order to earn cash i am a. believer that you should simply take the. commerce setups which are the very best. likelihood for you the bottom danger. relative to the max reward you could. see yourself incomes with that trade uh. and some other cool third thing right. the concept is simply take trades that you just. should trade don’t don’t force trades. as a outcome of that’s such a a dangerous thing.

I’m sure we have all carried out that before. anyone else been like bored and they. forced a trade on uh one thing only for. the sake of it you know it in all probability. does not end well very often. examine gold we’ll take a look at gold. quickly don’t be concerned. you are not cocky in any respect buddy nicely thank. you mike recognize that i attempt to not be. uh you realize i have i have a saying that. you realize i type of i sort of live by in. the markets in terms of like um. building up an ego in trading if you. uh should you don’t humble your self when it. involves trading. the markets will do it for you like. that is simply the reality i’ve been in this. game lengthy enough i do know that. if you get should you get cocky when you get. arrogant should you let your ego get to you. and you start saying man i understand how this. factor moves i know how you understand the. dollar does and and all that stuff what.

Ends up occurring is you make a big. mistake and you cost yourself and the. market humbles you on behalf of you. proper so you got to really be you bought to. actually be ready for that you got to. be accepting that you realize it isn’t all. sunshine and rainbows when things are. going nicely nice make your money do your. thing keep humble stay practical stay. doing what works for you right just. persistently coming again and doing the. similar factor do not up your position measurement. do not get aggressive don’t feel you know. invincible and it is onerous proper that’s. the psychology of buying and selling is you realize. individuals can mess up a win streak and i’ve. received a video popping out about that. chandler who’s our editor right here he’s. working on that we filmed something. yesterday just about that topic so stay. tuned we’ll hear all about that quickly.

Uh yes i bought it zero.7340 when i was stay. before you and presently up thirteen pips hey. ivan nice man that makes me pleased i am. glad that you just caught that same transfer so. ivan within the chat with that very same aud usd. idea so. very cool man uh what what what’d ivan. say mentioned 7340 let’s see did did i even. beat me. i feel we’re just about. i feel we’re just about on the same. spot seventy three 40. yeah we shorted proper around. the identical spot. nice that’s cool it’s cool if you see. trades uh or traders you realize particularly. uh ivan who i’ve known for some time now. uh we take similar trades that is cool to. see. i simplified my trading by trading. support and resistance zones mark up the. zones on the 4 hour and then commerce. the one hour and 5 minute for entry. hey cool man that’s superior whatever is. working for you whatever you have been.

Testing no matter you’ve been finding. that you simply uh you realize have success with. whether you commerce the four hour the one. hour the 15 minute chart would not matter. really as long as you’ve taken the time. to go check that idea and make it work. for you. and when i say make it be just right for you what. i imply is do the work proper not just. like oh yeah i am going to make it work for me no. i am saying go do the work go do the again. testing go try issues out and make that. system that you’re looking at figure out. what works and avoid what doesn’t. you know i might say this you guys um. like. nearly. i i am unable to put a number as a result of i can’t. assume but my finest guess would be like. ninety five percent of traders and even a few of. you guys in the chat proper now you’ve. by no means done this you’ve got by no means taken the. time to actually go sit down and back check.

A concept again and again and over right. for instance let’s speak about a extremely. easy. concept that you could go test. let’s can we might you guys uh would you. guys need like a easy example of like. something to go back test would that be. helpful to you simply drop a sure in the. chat if you’d like me to speak about that. for a second um. but you know what i imply by testing. right uh sometimes you hear this word. get thrown round go take a look at it go strive it. out. i’m not just saying go open your live. account and go check it with that reside. account that’s not what i am saying at. all what i’m saying. is taking a theory that you’ve about. the markets uh i am a pc science. main so this type of like this just. is smart in my head you take a. concept you throw a hypothesis just like the. scientific technique right you come up with.

This thought and then you definitely go on to the. charts and also you really go test that. idea towards historical information proper. that is what we call again testing and. again testing is incredibly useful it’s. not it’s not a assure that your. system goes to work one hundred going into. the future but what it will do is. it’s going to give you some clarity and. a common sense of what. could be excellent for you so for instance okay. cool you guys are saying sure all proper. again testing is crucial i spent the. complete week in back testing okay john i. appreciate that man that’s that’s what. i’m talking about man when i i still do. occasional again testing and that is. exactly what i did back in college uh i. would sit around and again take a look at for fun. like i actually like that stuff it is actually is. actually attention-grabbing. so here’s an example of a again take a look at.

Right. so a simple back test that you would try. out uh let’s say. and this is only a very very simple. example for example that you’re looking at. the one hour chart you’re looking at. pound dollar and also you say. simply using two moving averages the 50. and the 20 a very simply measurable. again take a look at. would be to say. when these cross over one another. uh and i take a trade and that i maintain it. till it crosses back. how usually do i generate income how often do i. lose cash so a theoretical commerce that. can be here you guys would be simply. this simple concept and that is what you. can add to this so do not get me mistaken. the primary expertise the place we see these. issues crossing formally to the. downside this may be a brief that we. took proper so we would take this and we. would say okay now i will maintain. this position till it officially closes.

Back the opposite path. and this is able to be thought-about a loss okay. and so you would go into your thing and. you nicely it’s a very small loss nevertheless it’s. mainly breakeven so then you would. take take that info and you would. go and you’d write that down in a. piece of paper you’ll write on a. pocket book i take advantage of excel sheets when i. usually when i again take a look at right after which. you just hold doing this and this is. boring as anything however it’s really. actually necessary so you would take that. idea and sure there are going to be. times where you know your again testing. is great and there’s going to be occasions. the place training is bad but what back. testing can do is it may possibly add so much. readability to your buying and selling so here is an. instance of a time where. value for example for example that you know. we waited for this to cross back over.

The blue to cross over the green and. then we say a buy trade on the following open. candle above that degree bam we hold that. trade we’d be nonetheless holding it let’s. see where it will end. and it would maintain going going and this. would be an superior trend following. commerce it goes all the method in which till here this. is the first candle the place issues closed. back or the shifting averages closed and. uh back within the other direction giving us. a sell signal so that one commerce can be. an enormous winner right. that is an instance of a quite simple again. testable idea and you are able to do this on. you start getting actually actually huge with. your number of issues that you could go. take a look at you’ll find a way to take a look at the onehour chart the. 15minute chart the four-hour chart you. can begin testing euro dollar pound. dollar gold you possibly can commerce usd jpy again. testing is infinite you are capable of do so many.

Tests and try things out and what you. start doing you guys is thru again. testing you start building clarity and. extra importantly extra essential than. what you find that works for you. extra essential you find what does not. work and that you simply’re losing your time. doing should you’re out there and you’re. like that is the tip that no person wants. to truly go back check and spend hours. and hours and hours doing this however i am. telling you. each profitable dealer if you seriously. see your self doing this for the lengthy. term. go spend. an hour a day that’s you know probably a. affordable like should you’re severe about. your trading an hour a day testing your. ideas developing with ideas arising. with theories and there what you will find. when you spend enough time again testing is. nothing is a holy grail there isn’t a. magical system that’s going to make you.

Eighty percent of the time profitable. with three to 1 threat rewards what. you are going to discover is through back. testing you will note that plenty of stuff. is basically pretty useless and uh you realize. that uh finally you spend sufficient time. yow will discover one thing that oh my gosh. that is actually affordable i can. actually commerce this system. and with a with a. some degree of confidence see myself. constantly profiting that’s going to. give you a lot more confidence than. trying to. uh just guess on the markets right that. i am i am just attempting to i am attempting to. stay a hundred real with you guys. buying someone’s course that’s going to. try and tell you how to trade with. sure technique that’s going to make. you profitable or whatever. that’s most unlikely to work uh what’s. very likely to work is to equip your self. you are all good sufficient if i can do that.

Stuff you certainly can too you are smart. sufficient to go take a look at ideas and to seek out. things which will work marginally for you. and that’s what back testing is about. franco says nick you are fast changing into my. favorite guy doing nicely in your inside. nonetheless a few unhealthy habits but getting a lot. higher hey franco that is superior we’re. right here to improve one percent daily. that is the concept. nick why do not you commerce hfx when you’re. speaking about uh. multilevel marketing stuff i’m not a fan of mlms i believe. they are um if you want to trade commerce. if you wish to be a marketer you understand. in a mlm then that’s something different. and i’m not i am not going to get into. that as a end result of i’ve carried out that previously. but i have a video that i would love for. you to look at uh. let me see if i can pull it up for you. um. and you know i i. everything that i say on this channel.

You guys i hope that you see now. should you watch my channel long enough like. i hope you know like i’m not going to. sugarcoat things for you i am not going. to look to make them look better than. what they is they’re when i show you. trades they’re real trades when i discuss. about experiences they’re real. experiences like i try and keep it so. real with you guys because otherwise. it is exhausting i might not simply sit right here. and you know fake stuff on a daily basis so. i want to drop a video for you when you. are in an multi level marketing um in relation to forex. which is. a giant big uh. lead generator for this business lots. of individuals come into forex due to an. multi level marketing that sells them an idea or something. like that not all not everybody in these. mlms are bad and i’m not even coming. after the people i am i’m actually simply. saying please in case you are in uh i don’t.

Want to call names however you know the large. ones proper you realize you know the names. which might be on the market for foreign exchange multilevel. marketing teams places where you might be. learning foreign exchange but you are additionally attempting to. get your mates to enroll beneath you. all the time if that is you i’m not. picking on you i’m not making an attempt to come back at. you but please i spent so many hours. putting together this documentary and that i. hope that you just watch this start to finish. and that you simply take my word for what i. have to supply here so watch this video i. simply dropped it in the stream. i’m okay. so. i’m like i stated i am not going to call. names you guys know who who’s on the market. there’s a few them but please uh. if you’re stuck in an multilevel marketing and also you’re. like i’m spending so much money on this. and i’m not truly in a position to recruit my. friends and all that stuff just simply be.

Careful. uh benedict hello nick thanks for what you. do thank you a lot for the the 5. canadian my pal thank you i. appreciate that i’ve realized a lot from. your schooling on youtube please what. shifting common is that the one that you just. just showed 50 and the 20 is what i was. using it is simply the 50 and the 20. so. you would attempt that out uh however again you. would possibly strive the 50 and the 20 otherwise you might. be extra thinking about utilizing something. just like the a hundred and fifty depends uh sort of the best way. you have a glance at charts you know i find that. transferring averages proper should you’re utilizing. the 20 and the 50 that is kind of a. nearer view should you’re looking at the 50. and the 100 that’s a long run more. candles greater picture of you right and. you might sue you might find that one is. extra suited towards you than others uh. benedict i hope that helps thank you.

Very a lot for the 5 canadian you guys. do not have to donate in any respect i really. do not ask for them on the streams however. if you do it really means so much so. thanks. is there any way i can share my trades. with you if you’d like to if you would like. to leap in and have conversations with. myself and others we have a discord. channel for that the link is down under. in the description. it isn’t a free service but if that is. one thing that you simply’d like then by all. means you possibly can join there. you are at usd i am up right now hey good. john congrats. uh do you add to your trades. often andy really i some of my. greatest trades ever have been trades the place. i add more to them over time so aud usd. is uh you know i’ve been taking these. trades consistently i have been talking. about them lots so i am not gonna harp. on them too much however um i haven’t been.

Adding however i’ve been reentering so i. took a trade here closed took a commerce. right here closed took a trade right here closed. proper so i’ve just been picking up. trades however there are events the place i. really do add to a trade as it’s going. alongside so like for example uh maybe this. factor pulls again to a stage and i decide. to take one other commerce on top of my. current trade to the brief facet and. in search of more draw back i’ve accomplished. that before i’m not a big fan of including. to a loser but i love adding to a winner. so that’s type of my. private strategy i believe including to a. loser is slightly somewhat riskier but. um it’s you realize just to each their personal. sort of thing. so yeah. do you counter commerce uh. i am not exactly certain what you mean. however. should you imply counter pattern trade then. normally no. um. nick what if i adopted a back testing.

Strategy am i ready to just forward test it with. small threat uh. you could do polo you would i would. encourage you to attempt it on a demo. account right. the first stage of so you do the back. testing proper you again check your. concepts you find one thing that looks. cheap promise reasonably promising. to you even if that’s something that. someone else showed you as lengthy as you. back to see yourself and you’re feeling. comfortable snug. maybe from there you go check it on a. demo account and from there you could make. your own decision when you determine you need. to go put it on a small reside account. that’s type of the natural order of. issues and undoubtedly what i’ve accomplished in. my very own buying and selling so you realize i did not. all the time commerce actual accounts with a pretty. respectable quantity of capital in them um you. know there was a time where i just.

Didn’t have that confidence yet and i. traded with much smaller measurement and that’s. completely okay proper. um. thank nick uh for your time how do you. really spot when a trend is about to. change what’s one of the best danger management i. do not try to name trade development reversals. often what i do is i just use. construction to trail my stops so i’m a. pattern dealer so i’m looking to go along with. this circulate not against it and if it’s. taking place then i’m trying to try to. seize strikes and then trail that cease. behind it and run lower with it i’m not. usually trying to name the highest or bottom. of a pattern. okay we’ll take a quick have a glance at gold for. my pals who trade it. and uh we are going to bounce into this hey i. assume uh i feel chandler had one thing. particular for you guys for all you gold. loopy fanatics uh let’s examine if we will. roll that chandler let’s see can we roll.

That. let’s see if he has it. perhaps he does possibly would not is it in. right here. perhaps it is. what is this oh that is the confetti all. right possibly it’s not in here doesn’t. exist okay unfortunate. we will have to uh attempt that for subsequent. time we had one thing enjoyable but. one one day at a time we’ll get there. don’t worry you guys subsequent time yes. certainly. obtained the the uh the editor speaking to me. through the the messages that’s. hilarious so um yeah so we’ll take a. quick have a glance at gold uh for all you gold. loopy merchants everybody seems to like. gold it’s i feel it’s as a end result of it is so. volatile so please be careful when you. love gold uh you know individuals adore it. as a outcome of it could make a lot of money but. please understand that something that can. make a lot of money can even lose lots. of money so be cautious on the market so. check out gold right here we can draw a.

Quick fib uh the one real fascinating. level for me that i’ve talked about on. yesterday’s stream and carry on in. thinking right now is a pullback to 38.2 at. that 1830 stage that’s an enormous zone of. support uh and i’d very a lot be. interested in possibly taking an extended. commerce should we dip back right down to those. zones um. you understand you had a clean breakout here. clean bullish construction uh in this. market big break on the fourhour chart. uh saved going for a little while and now. the question is you know we saw this. drop if we see observe via down back. to the 38.2 p.c i’d say that’s. an area of curiosity for possible lengthy. continuation that may be. my take on gold. overall. hello nick i really wish to perceive time. frames which era frame really. determines price motion or smaller. time frames marker uh. all of them contribute aaliyah i personally.

Like looking on the daily and the 4. hour chart as a swing trader however it. depends what you’re trading when you’re. trading when you’re attempting to to scalp uh. the the five minute chart you’re not. going to get a lot clarity looking on the. every day chart proper when you’re it’s it is. sort of like within reference so if i’m. wanting on the five minute. right i can also look at the 15 minute. and the 30 minute and maybe the 60. minute. proper but when i am looking on the five. minute i am most likely not going to take a look at. the uh the 4 hour. or the at some point. or. the weekly okay. so. i might say. my opinion is i like to take a look at issues. that are like two. clicks away or two. levels away so if i used to be buying and selling the 30. minute chart i’ll have a look at the 60. and the 4 hour or the one hour and. the four hour that may be my reference. level. if i’m buying and selling would i often trade.

Which is the one hour and the 4 hour. i wish to trade the 60 the four hour and. the day by day so i’ll take a look at the daily and. the four hour to get an idea and possibly. execute my trades on the 60 minute. that’s my private opinion that is not. the best factor to do that is simply what. i personally do. when you’re looking on the 5 minute. chart the weekly chart gives you no like. additional for my part like there is no. benefit there you are trying so excessive. timeframe you’re taking a glance at one thing. so out of context compared to the. intraday moves that you’re looking at so. in that case perhaps i am looking at the 15. minute and the 30 minute however i won’t go. much higher than that if i was to commerce. that i do not personally trade these time. frames i discover them to be. a little bit fastpaced sometimes i am going to. have a look at the 30minute chart although.

There’s occasions but usually i like to. commerce inside this realm here. so. yeah. so guys that’s going to wrap up the. stream for me that is all i’ve obtained for. you at present i really feel like today was a fun. stream thanks very much for being. right here right now i know we did not do an entire. lot of technicals we type of kept it. extra on the theoretical and concepts aspect. however once more for me with the dollar right. now the dollar it is a time to to make. the money that we’re in right i stated you. know i am in this aussie trade i’m simply. letting it run which is great right so. it isn’t an entire time it isn’t a time. for me to take a bunch of trades for me. right now the trades that i’ve taken. i’ve already shared inside the vip. group i’m sitting on them i’m letting. them run and i’m looking to just make. some earnings on them now so there’s not.

A entire bunch of entries for me proper. now there’s far more simply trailing stops. managing active positions and attempting to. to take some earnings so that’s where i am. at with right now thanks very much for. being here today have an excellent remainder of. the day and we’ll see you again next time. what’s up you guys thanks so much for. making it to the top of at present’s stream. it actually does go way more than you realize. in path of supporting this content and our. staff right here behind the scenes that makes. all of this content material attainable earlier than you. go i need to invite you to affix our free. telegram and our free discord which will. both be linked down under within the. description we share trading ideas we. share ideas and tips broker. suggestions things which may be. helpful to you in your trading career. and once more it is fully free so down.