How To Trade Forex Consistently (multi-timeframe analysis)

What’s the trager’s we are here again to. converse the way you’re imagined to strategy. your trading from a multi timeframe. analysis perspective how you’re supposed. to commerce the market now on this video we. might be speaking about EUR a novel we. will make a full breakdown and we will. be speaking about the way you’re supposed to. hold your charts clear and the way multi. time frame analysis will help you turn out to be. a greater trader so be sure to watch. the video till the top because there might be. lots of value to be taken from it if. you are new to the channel I’m a prime. writer on the buying and selling platform and I’m a. swing dealer without additional ado let’s. get into it okay so let’s talk about. what multi frame evaluation truly is. about so the two issues that multi. timeframe evaluation is supposed to do for. you is first of all to search out the very best.

Probability path in the market what. does this mean it means that it will. assist you to determine the place the market is. supposed to maneuver from the upper time. body so from the month-to-month the weekly and. the day by day timeframe those are the time. frames for path after which on the. fourhour time frame you can see the. most efficient entry degree and what I. imply by essentially the most environment friendly what I imply. by that is mainly the entry degree. that offers you offers you the excessive. likelihood of the market shifting away. from it and an excellent relaxation or reward and we. will be back to restore the word during. the video as a result of the explanation for which. you’re looking for entry on our time. frames is because you need to maximize. your restore award ratio and make it. most as efficient as attainable however. with out maintaining your stoploss too tight.

Because in that case it will be. inefficient as a end result of the market could hit. your stoploss. after which proceed to your intended. course and most of the occasions the. market will comply with the course of. higher time frames now starting with our. evaluation right here on euro AUD on the month-to-month. time-frame the very first thing you are. imagined to take your Fibonacci from. hi to the low why as a end result of if you’ll like. data on the retracement such as you. have to take your fibonacci on the. impulse and on this particular case the. impulse is from this high to this low so. taking your fibonacci on the impulse. provides you with data on this. retracement and what occurs should you do. min on the most recent press action you. can clearly see that the 50% Fibonacci. right here on a month-to-month timeframe keeps. getting rejected and through this month.

We expect the market to proceed to the. draw back why do we anticipate a market to. continue to the draw back because this. purple candle here’s a sample itself what. do I imply by it is a sample every time. you see a candle that has this form. either to the upside or to the downside. because the identical thing holds true for. our green candle even if the candle is. green expect the next candle to fill in. the wick what do I mean that on this. explicit case we expect the next. candle to be pink and fill in the wick so. basically we anticipate the subsequent candle to. fill on this wick on the other side if. the candle display screen we anticipate the subsequent. candle to fill in the wick very. necessary to say this so if we zoom in. we quickly notice that this red candle. here is definitely the candle that we. count on the wick to be failed by the next.

Candle which is the current trading. month we’re in and this helps additionally. our thesis of a 50 percent retracement. that is holding as strong resistance on. the month-to-month timeframe now let’s go down. on the weekly and see what kind of price. motion we’re getting on the weekly now. on every week on the weekly timeframe we. clearly have a numerous two easy. patterns that the market loves to. full to start with actually three. simple patterns to start with we now have a. good info already completed the. market went up down up down now every. time you see an info anticipate the. market to go to the neckline that is the. reason for which on trading view when. the market was around this area. I mentioned many times anticipate the market to. continue to the upside and retest the. neckline that’s exactly what happened. the second pattern that we see is a.

Clean hand in shoulders you might have your. left shoulder the top and the right. shoulder right here so two patterns each. combining to the short aspect and you also. have a easy impulse correction pattern. now what’s an impulse correction partly. you’ve your impulse you’ve a. correction and you then count on the next. impulse to the downside that’s how the. market works the most straightforward sample. pattern available in the market the market makes. an impulse to the upside makes a. correction after which again any impulse or. to the draw back impulse correction. impulse it happens on an everyday basis and as. you’ll find a way to see from this high to this low. we have our impulse to the draw back. followed by a correction and we anticipate. the next impulse to the downside additionally. another factor that we have is that this very. simple area of previous support now. turne resistance which is the neckline.

Itself so every thing on the month-to-month and. weekly is combining to the short facet. now additionally right here on the weekly let’s use. our fibonacci as we said on the month-to-month. if we would like information on the. retracement we want to take our. fibonacci on the impulse lag so let’s do. it let’s take a fibonacci from this high. all the way to the gradual and what you can. clearly see is that the mark is already. rejected is sixty one level eight in. other phrases the golden ratio and the. market is now anticipated to continue with. the push to the downside so from each. perspective on a month-to-month and weekly your. AUD is a short now let’s go on the daily. timeframe which is the last timeframe. we have to verify for direction earlier than. talking about entries now right here on the. day by day timeframe is fairly clear that the. pattern that the market created is an.

Exhaustion sample that means that that is. our a easy rising wedge however overall. this is an exhaustion sample meaning. that if you’ll should you see formations. like this it implies that patrons are. losing control of the market and at some. level they push to the draw back will. begin so additionally a daily every thing is. combining for a shirt. one factor that we actually want to mention. this space right here is a straightforward area of. resistance you possibly can see it was resistance. right here it was resistance here and here we. have a pretend breakout now what’s a faux. brick or a faux breaker is each time. the market closes above a degree and then. the next candle closes back under why. it is pretend breakup as a end result of as quickly as the. market closed with this green candle. above the level the following candle was. imagined to respect this area as assist. nonetheless that did not happen in the market.

Closed pink back below the realm that means. that the push to the upside was. principally a fake move simply to hunt stop. losses of traders now the place are we in. the market at the moment we’re at a. level of assist why do we have help. for the straightforward reason that the market. rejected this space already twice he. rejected it here he rejected it here and. we will expect some kind of a pullback. from this space now there are two choices. for where this pullback will really. end first possibility is we could go for. one other retest of this area earlier than. continuing to the downside or there is. the second choice that basically we will. discuss just now after we go on the. fourhour timeframe but one thing I. need to say is that this makes perfectly. sense because we are able to anticipate a pullback. additionally given the reality that the market.

Broke this development line and as we all know. after the market breaks development traces the. market likes to retest them now there. are two methods in which you’ll draw the. strandline from this main load right here or. you can even take the development line in this. method from this low here and like this and. in this case it could be my view of the. market this is rather more accurate why. the straightforward purpose for this is that you simply. must take the trend line that has. more most principally the touches most. candles and in this specific case you. get one touch one touch right here and another. contact here and right here the market broke it. nevertheless when you take your trend line in. this way so from. this low here and then you definitely take your. trendler like this you probably can see that this. trendline looks far more accurate and. is the trendline that the market is. alleged to respect why we have a touch.

Here then we now have one and two touches. here then we now have one and two touches. here and then here the market broke. beneath it in order you’ll be able to see this seems. rather more accurate so what we will anticipate. is the market to go for a retest of the. trendline as a end result of we said sure from a. structural perspective we are ready to anticipate a. retest all the best way to this high but when. the market will attain that top then it. means that it broke the trendline but we. need to principally analyze the market by. steps so the first level that the market. will face if it goes for a retracement. is that this trendline so that is the realm. that shall be monitoring on the 4 hour. time frame for shorts if the market will. go and retest this day by day trendline then. if the market will break it to the. upside then that shall be another story. and we will be speaking about it after.

That has happened because we at all times need. to observe the market by steps on the. moment that is the scenario so that is. the environment we’re training in now. if we go down on the 4 hours we. already know that the 4 hours is simply. for entry the month-to-month weekly and every day. that is for direction now as you’ll have the ability to see. this zone we found by figuring out the place. the market is supposed to go and read us. the trendline traces up perfectly also. with the structure we now have on the four. hour time-frame what do I imply by this. you presumably can clearly see that this was a very. sturdy space of support here on the 4. hour timeframe why do I say this. additionally as a outcome of clearly when you extend your. level to the left this box to the left. you presumably can clearly see that each time the. market hit this space editor found. assist or resistance relying if it.

Was coming from above or beneath that means. that this could be a very strong structure. level you presumably can clearly see it every time. that it will get tested you do have some. kind of a reaction to the extent so what. we will count on from right here is the market to. make a retracement to check this stage. again. do we have any assure that the market. will really make it to the level for. the retest. obviously not but as we said many occasions. trading is reactive and not predictive. we have to react to what the market is. exhibiting us and not try to predict what. is supposed to happen so what should we. do very simple we want to await the. market to retest the slab so if the. market will truly make it within. this area then we might be monitoring. price and if the principles of a method. shall be happy you’ll be able to make sure that. we might be taking this entry to the.

Downside and we might be taking the shirt. on your AUD what about take profit the. pattern take profit for this pair will be. overall through the use of our Fibonacci on the. weekly timeframe as a outcome of as we mentioned many. occasions the weekly is the weekly month-to-month. and every day our four path so why did. they take my Fibonacci from this height. is low for the straightforward reason that if the. market is meant to push the draw back. then that is the earlier lag as a outcome of if. you need data on the impulse you. first must take your Fibonacci on the. retracement so from the excessive to the low. and the minus 27 would be the target however. you always want to take your feminazi. your target somewhat bit above the minus. 27 so that is total the realm that we. are targeting from a weekly perspective. so on the fourhour time-frame if the. guidelines of the technique will be satisfied.

Inside of this area right here we might be. shorting the pair we shall be shorting. this pair all the way to our weekly. target very big move right here in your AUD. and the only method to find a way to determine. this move is by understanding how greater. timeframe patterns work as a result of this. type of type of trades when you might have. this big take profit. basically you will have amazing risks to. rewards if you know how to put additionally. your stoploss and how to take the entry. if you enjoyed the video be sure to. smash that like button it actually does. help the creation of more content material. similar to this and also let me know in. the feedback below if you’ll apply. these concepts in your individual coaching if. you didn’t take your free coaching but. also ensure to click on on the hyperlink in. the description of the video and take. your free coaching I will see you in the.