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All proper guys so today i am gonna be. teaching you guys how to trade the way you. may be traded from residence. with out paying that 325 dollars the way you. can make money immediately out of your phone. um i do know lots of people they promote. you how to earn cash you understand they go. on the app and so they show you. you understand all their little stocks and. everything like that how a lot they make. and every thing like that so. let me show you guys how you can commerce. and as y’all see the uh the place they. just thought the playstation 5 simply went. reside however. um y’all see man i am gonna present y’all. how y’all may be trading you. can be trading right now out of your cellphone. at right now all right so first issues first. okay you’re gonna be needing three apps. all proper and i’m gonna go to the app. retailer actual fast so y’all can see so the. first app. is gonna be coinbase okay now you may have.

Many totally different apps that you could buy. with however. principally what coinbase is is you’ll find a way to. buy um any sort of cryptocurrencies. and you understand you must use that to add to. your buying and selling app and all this you realize. you could make all this cash whatever the. case could be but. first you must deposit money into your. account so. you use coinbase to you realize purchase your. bitcoin or whatever sort of um. you realize funds you wish to do and you. can truly trade with coinbase however. um you’re gonna go to open you gotta. obtain this of course you gotta create. an account. you gotta add your uh fee and. everything like that but like i said you. can use coinbase. to only buy buy bitcoin okay so when you. get the coinbase all proper. you downloaded you signed into your. account all of that. growth growth and you’re going to. hit this little blue button at the.

Bottom proper here proper hit this little. blue button. and you are going to click buy you have. to buy quick cryptos okay. so the principle thing you are gonna do is you. know click bitcoin however we’ll get get on. to that in a while okay. next app that you simply’re gonna need is. authenticator okay. so let’s search that up right quick. authenticator app. uh that is your next app that you simply’re. gonna need right right here. authenticator and basically what this. app is. is it authenticates your your um. you realize it it links with your account. so you possibly can. principally your broker can know that it’s. really you and there is no one else. using your account to make money or you. know steal your cash or whatever case. will be. i see the nice mild line of you a person. no less than good on the market but. yeah this is what you are gonna need this. consumer code and every thing like that.

That updates throughout the day okay and. last thing however not least. you are going to need this is your commerce. ad this is the app that you will. use to make money okay. this is metatrader4 now they did come. out with metatrader5. but i never used it i don’t know the. distinction however. you realize after all should you whatever your. desire is however. i still use metatrader4 i do not know the. difference between the 2 however. you understand you can go for his or her use at. your own fee whatever your case could also be. however. you’re gonna obtain that as properly okay. so. you even have a web site okay guys so. first website let’s going to get into it. those are the only three apps that you. want. to start coaching okay the one three. the remainder of everything else is. going to be on the internet site so first. things first guys. you’re going to want to go and purchase some.

Bitcoin okay so principally whenever you buy. you open coinbase it’s going to ask you. to log in all proper and when you get to. this web page. you are going to click on this blue button. at the backside proper right here you see this. blue button you’re going to click on that. and you got plenty of totally different choices. all right so basically if you purchase. you should purchase your bitcoin from right here and. when you get carried out. trading you’ll have the ability to sell your bitcoin proper. here for cash and you may. use that and deposit right again to your. account and that is the way you money out your. cash however um. to purchase bitcoin you’re gonna buy it and. hit that buy button proper right here. and then you understand for me yeah i am not. gonna really purchase any however i am just i’m. let’s just say. 25 all right let’s just go 25 and we’ll. just go. instant simply straight from my account. growth increase boom. okay bye right here right i’m gonna just.

Send it again but only for the video. functions. i’m simply uh i’m gonna do this proper now. so growth. i purchased that we’re gonna go right here increase. it was approved come straight up my. account. da da da this is my balance proper here 23. dollars making an attempt to get the camera to stay. targeted keep centered. um but growth got here out 23 right right here okay. in fact you got to pay taxes and all. that. that comes out instantly taxes um. coinbase makes states their half. whatever the case may be. however booms add to your account so now you. have bitcoin you could commerce with you. can send it to different accounts no matter. case. no matter you got to do with this that is. right here for you okay. so now we’re gonna exit out of here and. we’re gonna go to an web site and also you guys. are gonna have to join this. website however you know it is easy fast and. simple this is the website that.

It’s known as a dealer however that is the. website that you’re gonna use. it will have all of your trading. accounts on one you presumably can add to. like fake trading accounts you have to use. actual buying and selling accounts you can do. whatever you wish to do with this. and it simply supplies you with what you. have to trade okay. so this account goes to be hugo’s. weight okay. and he goes way you can use any sort of. broker you need. however this is the one i use and it’s the. most easiest one for me. i have not used another one however that is. one i exploit okay. we’re gonna go and in your case you’re. going to go sign up. and you are going to put in your name. we’re going to go through all the signup. process. growth increase boom i’ll sign up onto. mine and right here is where you put in your. code right right here on this screen that is. where you’re going to put in that.

Authenticated app called. okay growth you bought to be in your account. okay so this is your. account i haven’t got anything in thoughts. right now as a end result of i cleared everything. out. however that is the place you’re going to see. you’re going to see withdrawal you possibly can. withdraw from your account you possibly can. deposit. and that is the place you are going to go to. deposit into your account. now first issues first you do have to. create an account. um you can create this is my actual. account right here okay. y’all see only received like six dollars. proper now from the final video y’all know. if y’all checked out my final video make. certain you go examine that out. i did lose some large cash however you realize. do not use that as a device but. guys here is my account proper right here. trying to maintain my digicam centered. uh however first things first if you’re new. to trader and that i.

Always advocate that for anyone who’s. new to trading. guys create a faux account all right. it goes to say clear. account and then create hugo’s means mt4. demo demo so at all times always at all times. all the time begin off with a demo okay do not. go. full just straight account don’t don’t. invest 500. in your first account and you don’t even. know how it works all proper do not do. that okay so start a demo. you realize choose your leverage at all times go. a hundred i feel i don’t bear in mind what. my leverage was however. you can select your steadiness all right. well leverage. i believe my leverage was 500 however um. select your balance uh i usually begin. like a practical. that i wish to go but it’s all based on. what you want to do. um in fact i am just let’s just go fi a. hundred thousand let’s just go one hundred 000. after which you realize you go from there okay.

So we created the account and this just. for the video function all proper it’s. gonna be somewhat click on bait but hey. it is what it’s i’m use this as a. thumbnail but all proper so we’re gonna. go my accounts and. we were just e-mail okay we simply got. emailed. our new account. and in your e-mail you’ll get the the. username and passcode so this is my. username. for my demo and my password for my demo. okay so you understand i am going to use that to add it. to the account order bookmobile okay. so to create an actual account identical thing. you are gonna go create an account. account sort. hugo’s weight mt4 mcn after which forex. usd all right and leverage. in fact we’re gonna go 500 however guys i. don’t know um. you know that’s primarily based off what you. should do what you want to do i selected. 500 but you know yours might be a little. bit totally different all proper so.

You know create an account growth increase. growth so when you get. e mail once when you get your hugo’s. weight email. into your uh e-mail you are going to. scroll down. and you’re going to discover your username. and password which is going to be right. about right here. i blurted out slightly bit for y’all however. it is going to be proper up in right here you’re. going to use this to add to your account. okay. so let’s go let’s um add this demo. account to our. our precise buying and selling account. so increase we’re again in metatrader4 okay. so we’re going to click on. in your case it’s going to say new. account i imply login in my case it’s. going to say new account so. let’s open a demo account and mainly. you are going to enter a company so. you’re going gonna search. hugo’s means hugo’s method demo. there you go right there okay and it is. received a little bit of my data proper.

There too so yeah. don’t be concerned about that um after which. you are gonna click on register all right so. in my case it already oh yeah in my case. i already. added it but guys that’s where you once. you click new account. that is the place you will put your your. information from that e mail that you just got. all right you’ll put that data. there that you simply got from that e mail but. that is what you will put that in okay so. yeah once you do that you are going to be. arrange for buying and selling. you’re going to be situated after trading. now a real account is a little bit. different okay that’s your demo. that is what you’re doing first before. you add into your actual account this is. what you’re doing first all proper. so for an actual account it’s somewhat bit. completely different guys so you’re going to go to. the three degree three dots on the side. and then you’re going to go deposit.

Funds okay. now here if you deposit funds that is. the place you will input the bitcoin onto. your account. so choose the pockets you’re going to. select usd. wherever whatever foreign money you got okay. so. select usd after which you are going to go. bitcoin as a end result of. solely purpose why i select usd as a end result of i. do not actually know you know the way. how that converse or no matter. sometimes so uh we will select. the month deposit we’ll say. i put 25 but ah. so i must have 50. but anyhow i’m. gonna let’s simply say 50.. it does not matter they take whatever you. obtained all right so it would not matter. how a lot you deploy you can buy the. nonetheless much you want just put 50 you. know you presumably can posit 5 dollars if you. want however. let’s go 50 and then you go from there. so here is my bitcoin tackle. i’m gonna copy this address proper here.

At the bottom y’all see this tackle. proper right here. i’m gonna copy that or if you obtained two. phones or no matter often. you must use that however we copy this. handle this bitcoin handle. right i am gonna return and i’m going to. go into my coinbase app and i’m gonna. send this. all right i’m gonna ship proper here once. you click on the little blue thing. when you click on the little blue thing at. the bottom proper right here proper let’s let’s. focus again click on the blue thing right. here. and i’m going to ship it to that tackle. and i’ll send all send. everything i got in my account which is. 23 54. it is somewhat blurry right now. as a result of you know. just people are kind of different. nowadays but i’m gonna ship to email. address i am into. to the bitcoin tackle and i am a preview. and i’m gonna ship now and mainly. that is going to take a few minutes but.

They’re going to ship you a. text message code regardless of the case may. be and submit. okay and growth i send it to my account. all right. so that’s going to take a few minutes to. replace but whereas that is sending the. money to my account i’m gonna let i am. gonna present you guys a little bit proper. now okay so. let’s present y’all tips on how to commerce for a. minute all proper so this can be a video. teaching you guys tips on how to begin trading. now right here is your app that is your. metatrader4 app the app that you are. gonna be using to trade with. growth increase all proper so mainly what. you are doing is on this app you bought a. few completely different sections so this section. right here. this is all of your preloaded uh. currencies that you must that you could. commerce with. after all you probably can add extra but you realize. that is simply the preloaded ones all. right. so you got that you’ve got your charts.

This is your charts you bought the i am on. the jpy the japanese yen chart. but you got plenty of completely different charts on. it that you ought to use you realize i am i ready to can. go on right here i can set a commerce. once it’s low you see the method it’s low proper. now let’s simply let’s simply trade okay so. at the top you probably can click guys my cellphone. retains it but on the prime right right here you. can click trade. you’ll find a way to click commerce and hop right into a trade. um you bought plenty of completely different lot sizes. okay now. in this the lot size you can start from. zero.01 you go to 1 two. in fact the more lost dimension you go the. extra you are investing so. it goes based mostly off of how much you need. to take a position so one lot. of jpy would value a lot you understand i imply. as a outcome of that’s that is that’s lots. that is lots. so it for reference let’s present y’all how. much one lot of. jpy is that is which is japanese yen so.

To invest. jp1 in order that’s 5 dollars 5 dollars. to begin okay. which will not be a lot to you but possibly. maybe so much to everybody else however yeah. in order that’s 5 that’s 5 dollars now. let’s go bitcoin okay so bitcoin is my. favourite one. probably the most well-known so to add a currency. guys you’re gonna click. plus signal proper right here you’re gonna click. this plus and you can click. cryptos cryptos right right here you’re going. to go. btc us dollar right here btc. usd okay now you are going to add that. and click on on done. now on right here you possibly can you got your charts. you got your actual trades proper here at. the underside you see your trades right. right here. you’ll be able to see what your total is because. when you start including a lot of trades. you are going to have to sustain with all. them so it’s going to come up on this. screen proper right here y’all see we up on.

This trade right now. however it’s going to come up on this screen. right right here and principally that is the way you. attempt. keep monitor you see your steadiness you say. how much you you are successful right now. you see. fairness how much you are going to have in. the end okay. so you can also go to your history all. right in your historical past it exhibits. your steadiness how a lot you deposited. every thing like that okay. you go week you go month or you’ll have the ability to. customise how far you need to go okay. so received that and lastly you got your. settings all proper so that is how you. you don’t do something here there’s. nothing. to do with the settings that i know of. at least but. up in the prime it shows demo after all. as a end result of it is a demo account. all right so you understand we obtained four. dollars we got the four 483 right now. um let’s go to bitcoin all proper because.

This is my favourite one that is. definitely the highest. prime trader for me as a end result of bitcoin is. very. drastic now it can be right or you possibly can. be terribly mistaken. it might be significantly proper however terribly. mistaken proper so. you realize use at your own threat guys i am. not the most effective dealer i don’t know. buying and selling i do not know anything about. foreign exchange all proper i just know that i’d go. in here guessing. so don’t take any recommendation from me i i. imply in fact i know about forex i’m. simply joking however you know. do not take any recommendation guys i don’t use. you realize i am not a professional trader. so. however wait see what you when you’re going. bitcoin let’s show y’all how a lot. one lot of bitcoin would value guys y’all. gonna be. ecstatic let’s go buy and. look how a lot it price to buy one. full lot of bitcoin 900. virtually a thousand dollars to buy one. full lot of bitcoin guys.

That is a lot of money only for that. little bit. now of course you can decrease it you. can go down i wouldn’t buy one lot. um i often only purchase 0.01 lot. which is extra inexpensive for me in which. it goes to 10. you know it’s solely ten. dollars you know what i imply so that’s. more affordable. and easier to trade with you possibly can sustain. with it with 0.01 you realize you retain up. with 20. you understand but when you begin depositing a. lot of cash like that you could lose. a lot of money simply doing that now if. you bought it like that that’s you however. i know i haven’t got it like that okay. but um you go in here. and like i mentioned you’ll be able to add no matter. currencies you need guys. you bought btc usd you can go plus sign. proper right here. and exotics all proper you got a lot. lots plenty different. currencies you probably can commerce with i am flip. again on my autofocus so i can focus on.

That cellphone proper now. okay so lots completely different currencies guys. plenty indices uh i don’t know what that. is what futures. i don’t know what that’s okay shares. all proper. listed right here are stocks proper right here now you presumably can. see you bought apple. you may have guys you bought a lot you bought. apple you got amazon. you’ve guys every single ebay. microsoft you bought ford on here obtained you. obtained. every single current i’m sorry about my. digicam guys however. you bought each single currency inventory that. you can think of i mean in fact not. every single one of them but lots of. different ones that you ought to use okay. uh energies you probably can go metals you’ll find a way to go. gold silver. uh platinum guys you got a lot cryptos. you can use. any sort of crypto in this app guys. there’s lots there’s a lot so. um there’s a lot of potential to make. cash. in fact once you discover the one that you simply.

Want you are gonna click plus sign and. you’re going to click on accomplished and you’re. going to add it all the way to the. backside. and chart and then increase you see what you. got now this one. whoa that’s sort of weird guys i do not. know about you however i. let’s just see i want to see what that. one seem like let’s just purchase it and simply. see what it seemed like as a outcome of that’s. type of bizarre proper there. i by no means seen anything like that however. y’all see let’s offer you a fast update. on the trades y’all see the trades. that’s how i look all proper. um now i imply that is pretty much it when. it involves trading. you’ll find a way to um of course once you want to. close out your trade and you might be feeling like. you’ve made a pleasant. profit in your commerce or should you really feel like. you’re dropping an extreme amount of on your trade. you are going to go to the precise trade. right here now you bought two ways you probably can.

Either slide over. or you can go and then pull out the uh. you can maintain it down. after which it will pull up like this okay. now you probably can close it proper here. now um here’s your profit. you can close commerce now y’all see. bitcoin is up now. 600 all proper so. now let me present y’all one factor this. will really prevent guys from shedding. a lot of money okay. so basically that is known as stop loss. okay now what you are going to do with. stoploss is it says the amount that you. wish to. hop out the trade instantly should you. begin shedding this amount of money so. you possibly can set it at however a lot you need. you’ll be able to go down all the way to. who knows let’s just say. uh for forty one 10 lives you know what i imply. that sets you at a cease loss now that. sets you at a degree to where. hey i need to hop out this commerce if it. gets this low. that is mainly what that is saying.

Kick me out the commerce if my commerce will get. this low. and increase it’ll assist you to out the commerce at. that point okay so. um that is an excellent feature of this that’s. what i like. because it does not you know i mean it it. it. saves you from shedding some big cash all. right so. that’s your trader account um trade at. your own danger. i do not advise you do any kind of. trading do not use bitcoin if you do not. know what you’re doing all right so. let’s examine on see if our. our cash received deposited okay so it isn’t. yet deposited. but i am just show you guys how to when. once you get deposit all you’re doing. you are gonna go when you’re as quickly as your. funds get into your account you’re gonna. see your balance of your update. once you get into your account you are. gonna go inside transfers. once you go inner transfers you’re. going to go from pockets to metatrader.

Wallet to metatrader proper right here and. mainly that is taking the money from. literally your wallet at the top and. it will ship it to your account so. while it is a metatrader. choose from account usd. guys my camera keeps on focusing oh my. gosh. usd right here after which you’re going to. select the rely. boom proper right here and then you definitely obtained to. select how much you want to transfer. so this half is instant all proper so. let’s just say ten dollars all right. so this part is instant once you do this. actually all you are doing goes to. your account. now now all you’re doing goes to. your mediterranean account so. y’all see i’m up two thousand dollars. right now ha how huge of that bread proper. now. but yeah guys this all you are doing. proper nows it is literally going to. your account. and trading so i imply hey it sounds.

Simple and straightforward to me i imply from the. for probably the most half it isn’t merely straightforward. nevertheless it’s. for probably the most part it is it is fairly. easy uh when you’re doing it. just understand that you can lose a. lot of cash guys you’ll be able to lose. lots when i say a lot guys you presumably can lose. some big cash but you may also make a. lot of money. so y’all see how i’m principally up. trades right now i can lose all of that. in like. one minute you know what i imply i can. lose all of that with so fast all proper. and mainly if i wish to swap. accounts guys all i obtained to do is click on. my account right right here. and swap over to my new account all on. here they’re all on one screen for you. so. you realize it is pretty easy simple and. easy guys and uh after all this is a. demo account so i am unable to solid out on that. i want but. you realize i can’t cash out on that but.

Guys if you loved this video you discovered. this video helpful. and you like movies like this i can go. extra into depth in fact i am not. instructing you tips on how to trade because that’s. somewhat bit that is an. entirely totally different style i’m just educate. you tips on how to get began on buying and selling and. how one can begin trading right now. if you really feel comfy and you’ll. start learning by yourself as a outcome of. there’s a lot movies. lots movies on training alright guys. so do your analysis. you realize figure out what you want to do. buying and selling. i’m just teaching you guys how to trade. with out buying that three hundred dollar. you know. da da da all right so because i mean. mainly what. 300 is for it’s for a category. and and it’s for a group chat that. teaches you it mainly. uh t i would say honestly the fundamentals of. buying and selling. however you understand i suppose i didn’t get too.