How I make KSH 10,000 ($100) A Day In Kenya Trading Forex ( Kenyan Forex Trader)

I’m right here to encourage that particular person i wish. i wish somebody informed me. in kenya you may make ten thousand a day. a day. ten dollars on a day in kenya you possibly can. make ten thousand a day. by way of forex commerce i wish someone told. me like 5 years in the past i might have been. very far back i thank god. i’m doing this video for that individual. maybe you’ve got misplaced your job you do not. know what to do. my good friend go to forex trading hi guys. welcome again to my youtube channel and. should you’re new here my name is esther. moffrey. so guys i am so glad to make this video. it has been a minute. uh since i uploaded a video i do know. however um i’ve been up to. studying as a result of in foreign foreign money trading you. can never say you’ve learned sufficient. and i took time off to study to strive new. methods. to mentor some people who are interested. in my mentorship and. i simply wanted that break and now i’m.

Back i am again with out. bang so guys at present’s video isn’t even a. tutorial it is simply an encouragement so. i hope by the title of this video you. already know what i wish to speak about. 10 000 a day in kenya ten thousand a day. in kenya you’ll be able to imagine. so ten thousand a day these for these. people who are not in canada. that is 100 dollars a day. a hundred dollars a day so by the title. of this video i need to show you ways i. make ten thousand. to 10 thousand kenya shillings a day. through forex trading so should you’re. involved continue watching. so guys i am going to share some screenshots of. up to now what i’ve been doing and um. that is my phone really i’ve operating. trades as a end result of. i commerce between 4 am. uh all the greatest way to 5 p.m it’s almost 6. p.m and i’ve some trades which have. not closed. so i am nonetheless buying and selling when i am making.

This video. so i’ll just share some screenshots to. present you that you could make ten thousand. a day. just using forex or just studying forex. and um the first screenshot is yesterday. yesterday quantity actually um nowadays. even i’m making greater than. mom i am making greater than 10 000. because it is either i make. 12 000 10 000. that’s for example a hundred and twenty. dollars. a hundred thirty dollars on forty dollars but today. at present it’s kind of totally different as a outcome of it is. like i will double that. target i’ve been my objective. as a dealer is to make 100 dollars. a day. and uh right now it is special occasion i think. that is why even. i received the courage to shoot this video uh. at present i’d. make more than two hundred dollars like. i may double my. initial goal which is ten thousand so. uh right at this second if i take a glance at. my is my phone if i have a glance at right now. if i simply let me screen document in order that i.

Can put. uh whatever i am doing so if you go to my. mt4. so that is my empty cellphone like i’ve mentioned. i have some running trades. some are nonetheless in adverse some are. nonetheless positive. but i consider uh they i consider. they will go my course so if we come to. davis as you’ll be able to see right now it’s. 18th if i’m not incorrect right now 18 if i just. choose that permit’s say. let me just do. last week then i decide at present 18. you see already i’ve made 168. dollars guys that is 16 000. even it’s. not sixteen dollars that is seventeen. thousand as a end result of. bear in mind 168 dollars occasions 109 because. in kenya shillings you need two times. you get extra so for so far i have made. 17 000. and still i have working trades that. some have. in profits but i must hit a place um. to heat my take revenue so at present i might. even make. 20 000. so guys that is what i. this video is all about i can present you.

Some um. i’ll not get into details with the chat. that is one i will do later. as a end result of there’s lots i’ve realized. i’ve discovered tips on how to. simply uh target few peeps and uh be. consistent. so on the charts that’s a separate video. how. for instance goal 50 pips a day but at present. i just wish to encourage someone. foreign foreign money trading is real forex trading is. actual. it pays it pays so. at first i can let you know for certain at. first i received discouraged because. every time you get into the market. everyone anticipate. to win everyone expects to have revenue. but for the longest time i feel final. year. i’d enter into the market place a. trade and it. goes towards me after which possibly. i pushed my stoploss or typically i. didn’t hold up stoploss so. um i’m at unfavorable and it was very. discouraging guys it was very. discouraging so. i believe um i can share with you what i.

Have done. and uh what have improved for me to even. earn 10 000 a day. and i’ll inform you for positive like let me. say. like four things that you should do if. you are not. if you’re not hitting maybe your aim is. fifty dollars maybe your aim is eighty. dollars possibly a objective even it’s a hundred. or 2 hundred. and you’re not hitting that aim perhaps i. may help you with these. suggestions and if you comply with when you comply with. possibly you possibly can um. have the ability to get the 100 dollar. goal. so the first thing is to study your. age when i say study your it is in learn. your strategy. as a end result of generally people assume if i. trade with this technique and that i lose. this technique isn’t working um. run with that technique for a while. and um don’t surrender so rapidly as a outcome of. i keep in mind when i began buying and selling. and i would get losses i even considered.

Using indicators. using all these kind of issues and. keep in mind my technique is purely worth. motion so i thought price motion doesn’t. work. but it’s because i used to be doing it all. wrong so every single day attempt to study. one thing new every single day try to learn. something new. and know your strategy just know. you understand people ask me esther do you use. indicators. i started what do you what do you do do. you use a. transferring average do you employ this and i. inform people i only use shifting average. and that i only. trade value action truly that’s what. i treat i don’t use. indicators so when you’re comfortable with. indicators and they are providing you with cash. proceed so the very first thing the first. factor actually is to know. what sort of a dealer are you’re you. the kind of a dealer that rely on a. indicator are you that sort of a dealer. who can simply grasp price motion.

And perhaps um place a shifting average is. in your charts that can help you. to have confluence of um your goal. um uh evaluation. so kindly know your technique that is the. key. that’s the important thing and that’s the place i was. going wrong as a result of i used to be using my. strategy. but when i get a loss i say. price motion doesn’t work so ensure. be constant with your technique from. day one even give it per week. give it a month and then start now. incorporating things in your strategy. okay okay the second thing is so that you can. make ten thousand a day you must be. disciplined. you must be passionate and you have got. to speak about it you want to speak about. it. really i used to be telling my household like i. wish to make 10 000 a day. and that time i’m losing cash i am. shedding money you must speak about it. be passionate whenever you fail. rise up wake up go and take those videos.

Watch know your mistake as a outcome of what. people do when they. fail or after they lose money they provide. up so early. do not do not hand over do not hand over. really whenever you lose cash. the following they wake up very early. and ask yourself why did i lose this. commerce why did i lose this trade so be. encouraged that is. actually you can make ten thousand a day. if you’re not inspired like be. encouraged and. don’t surrender buying and selling is not for the. what do they are saying for the. for the straightforward individuals no forex is what. they’d skin hard skin. such as you lose and it doesn’t affect you. as a result of that goes to your feelings. so many people may even not get the. and even the concern let me even put that. point with the worry. as a outcome of many people they have analyzed. the market well everything is okay and. every thing. then their chart is okay and everything.

And they begin seeing revenue. and they close too early as a outcome of they. worry. to lose the money drop the concern drop. that worry. and if you enter a commerce simply be. composed. no even tell your self i’m going to win. this trade i’m going to close with an enormous. profit with an excellent profit but i can’t. hurry. to shut my revenue okay. so don’t be discouraged do not hand over. don’t give up don’t do all this stuff. do not don’t if you want to be making. such uh. i know for some people who make a. thousand dollars kindly this video is. not for you. this video is for beginners who need to. be consistent and who needs to have a. consistent. revenue 10k 10k 10 kenya shillings or. 10 000 kenya shillings or a hundred is so much. of. money it is some big cash for us for me. to make 10 000. a day are you aware how much i am making a. week. a month in order that’s so much that’s a lot in.

Our country. so should you’re making a thousand seas. draw as we are. we’re going a state and you understand forex. is a step at a time my objective right now is 10. 000 which i have achieved possibly. my next video might be a thousand dollars. a day nation to that. to that degree however what i’m saying is. that worry and folks and. and being discouraged is what make. people not make constant. earnings so number that was number two. okay i assume quantity three number three. the rationale why you don’t make profit is. as a end result of um. you’re so into i want i want i want i. want you do not have that power of. i can lose and it is okay so folks many. individuals enter a trade. with i do not need to lose by no means enter a. commerce with that mentality. i don’t wish to lose if you enter with i. do not wish to lose. you will shut either early or. you’ll fear to even uh even.

Even if the market is good you’ve good. evaluation and every thing. you will fear even to place a commerce. since you don’t want to lose so. it is like you may be pushed by i do not want. to lose so. remove that i do not need to lose no even. if i lose at present. even if i take five trays i lose one i. have 4 winning trades. which they’ve covered. this one i have misplaced so that’s another. thing that i used to be coming in the market. with a mentality i don’t want to lose. and i was blowing accounts i used to be blowing. account so. kindly if you know you need to place a. trade. tell yourself it is okay to lose it is. okay it’s not the top of the world. it isn’t the tip of the world so in. brief i’m i’m just saying that. um when you are putting that commerce inform. your self it is okay to lose. truly the father have come ten. dollars if i lose ten dollars.

My life is not over if i lose twenty. dollars my life isn’t over. overcome your thoughts that’s the vital thing thing. overcome your feelings overcome your. mind. sleep i am telling you guys i would not. sleep if i had a adverse trade these. days if i have negatives i can sleep i. can dance i can eat i can do all this. i can do my very own errands in the course of the day. even if i’ve adverse that. they don’t get into me and in spite of everything. maybe. i close with small income at even or a. huge loss. at the finish of the day it is my account. it is me so guys that’s one thing else. the very last thing the final thing guys. if you want to make ten thousand a day. really you can’t make ten thousand a. day with a thousand. uh with one thousand kenya shilling and. it is so sad. for me to say that because i have tried. working with a small account and it was.

Very inconceivable. you’ll be like attempting to i don’t know to. climb a mountain that is so heavy. and so huge in entrance of you with a. smaller account and i am telling you for. certain that is one thing i’ve tried. i start with 50 account and that i say um. right now i’m doubling my account i am making. fifty dollars. and one wrong transfer the whole account is. gone. so guys the small account if you understand. you have a small account. target ten dollars when you have a small. account target five dollars if you have. a small account. goal fifteen dollars don’t go to a. hundred dollars because. how can you have a very small account. and also you target very big. one wrong transfer and you blow your account. however if you have a thousand dollars. account and you’re focusing on 100. dollars a day. that’s possible so for me what i can. say. why am i going down for me what i can.

Tell you guys is that. an enormous account is a bonus and i have. seen it working for me. for the longest time i used to be working with. small accounts burning small accounts. burning small accounts when i began. working with more than a thousand. dollars account. links modified and that i can tell you for. certain it’s attainable. so um not these four things. these 4 issues if you’re that person. you want to do foreign exchange. you’ve the money yes kindly. concentrate on studying quick because. even if you come with. a thousand dollars and you don’t have. the ability. you’ll nonetheless lose the cash because. you’ll be inserting trades with no. information with no understanding with. nothing so guys. these are the 4 things i am very. excited to tell you that um. at present i’d even make twenty thousand. i’d make two hundred dollars. and every day it’s like a discovery it’s.

Like you get up. and you do not know how a lot you may make. as a end result of markets right now might make ten. thousand tomorrow. make eight thousand tomorrow the other. day and they make. fifty dollars the other day i may not. make something that is forex that’s foreign exchange. for you. nobody is guaranteed how a lot they may. make. so guys if you’re watching me and also you. assume oh she’s flossing. she’s saying she’s making ten thousand. um. what i’m not right here to to to flows um i am. past that. i am here to encourage that person i want. i wish someone told me. in kenya you might make ten thousand a day. a day. ten dollars on a day in kenya you’ll have the ability to. make ten thousand a day. via foreign exchange commerce i wish somebody advised. me like five years ago i’d have been. very far but i thank god i’m doing this. video for that particular person. maybe you have misplaced your job you do not.

Know what to do my good friend go to foreign exchange. trading. uh so guys that is all that’s what i. needed to tell you um. to let you realize in this video because i. keep getting many messages how much you. make in a day how much. can forex um get you in a day how much. can you make with the hundred dollars. fifty dollars a thousand dollars now you. know you can also make ten thousand dollar. ten thousand kenya shillings in a day. just. buying and selling forex that is a hundred dollars. so guys. in case you have any question when you have any. question kindly comment down beneath. and i’ll be doing there’s this query. i get each time. which broker i use which is the best. broker for the novices. you want what that is the next video. that i’m about to take action in case you have not. subscribed to my youtube channel. you don’t need to miss one of the best broker. to get you began and i shall be showing.