FULL DAY OF TRADING in the Forex Markets with Michael Bamber | Part 2

I do not perceive why you’re thinking. what goes on on guys welcome to another. video as quickly as once more it is friday love. fridays in the markets. taking two trades this morning i’m still. in a single the first one was a. break even on eighty percent of the. volume after which i took a minus take a. partial at three to 1 so. small amount of profit on euro dollar so. that was eurodollar long i mean aussie. dollar quick which is operating at. about three.6 are one thing nothing crazy um. locked in a break even i’ve partialed. out at three to one once more which is just. something i standardly do and i am just. going to see how low this goes as a outcome of. that is nonetheless falling. so. take a glance at this so that is nonetheless. falling. as you can see. so i’ve received it at the top here. after which partial that round this space. right here and price is continuing to.

To to maneuver um. in order that’s looking good after which simply uh. clearly that is the. positions of the final. day or two ago. um i did take an asteroid. yesterday on pound. dollar. for. eight.8 r. and overall simply feeling simply feeling. good just sticking to the plan. keep it stage headed um and just taking. the trays when they come. they simply proved as properly as a end result of i had a. really slow start to the week i messed. up on administration on a trade so mainly. i think it was monday or tuesday. i think it was tuesday i. took a i used to be in a commerce i believe it was. eurodollar long. let me just quickly check i think it was. euro dollar lengthy. but anyway as i am looking for that. oh it’s here um it was eurodollar long. so november 9th so what day was that. tuesday. yeah tuesday it was tuesday morning no. sorry no no it wasn’t. took a break even on that.

It was pound lots. was slightly bit irritating to be. honest this was the first time i felt a. little bit frustrated in a very long time i. will not say a very long time. a minimal of an excellent few months but anyway. i. took a partial three to 1 it was an. aggressive transfer up. value was working about. i consider eight are again. and then i let value pull all the way. again life obtained in the way in which i had to be. someplace. um could not beat the charts for the full. time i did have an opportunity before i. left to to manage the trade and. partial out but tousled a little bit. and um. value came all the way in which back to tag to. take me out for a break even which was a. little bit painful to observe if you’re. working an ar. so lesson realized be certain to pay. yourself guys um. it’s probably one of the most essential. classes i’ve had over the previous six.

Months pay your self out there. at all times pay yourself which is likely considered one of the. reasons why i take a three to one. partial now just to you understand make certain. you pay yourself um. as a end result of early on the year you understand let’s. say you’re in a position that’s working. 89 10 to 1. do not be letting don’t be doing what i. did not let that poor position pull again. to interrupt even um i used to do it a lot. and now i’ve realized from a mistake it. was just that one error early this week. which was the first time in a while i’ve. accomplished that um but normally had every thing. screened had i have been in full focus. just would have partialed out a minimum of a. lot of the amount. um. but in any case today’s been a great day so. far simply going to keep. monitoring au. and see if this continues to the. downside or. see what occurs to be trustworthy i’m simply. keen to see what occurs but general.

Just gonna movie today it is gonna see. what occurs within the markets and that i’ll. maintain you updated and just as soon as again i. love filming on fridays i like filming i. don’t know why i just love fridays in. the market it is a good way to end the. week and. simply can see what occurs so let’s get. on with it. so i tend to get the query fairly a. lot of. what is my setup i know i’ve done a. video in january this year. however i simply need to reply it rapidly and. then discuss you thru. what i am operating on the setup as well so. this display screen on the left this major. monitor is a samsung 27inch curve. monitor it’s been very dependable it is. good value as nicely i’ve obtained about three. 4 years ago and. i think it was a couple of year after i. began trading had that for some time. this was a it is a dell monitor but. you can regulate it to vertical and.

Settings so this got here as a horizontal. you understand normal setup dell. display however then as i obtained it i just. adjusted it to vertical in the settings. after which. it was all good to go so that’s the. reason i’ve received that there i like to. have mt4 on that display buying and selling view on. there. and it’s all powered. below the screen by this macbook pro. 2018 which is running the entire setup. and once once more like i just mentioned. so on this screen here that is where i. have trading view so the trading views. the place i do like my my complete amount of. evaluation that is where i mark every thing. up. after which mt4 on the proper is the place i. take the trade so that is where i. execute commerce handle and exit trades as. well. so. yeah that’s the whole setup. i’m looking to as a end result of i am on a premium. account on. trading view however i know for a truth. they’re doing a black friday sale very.

Shortly and you will get a 60 off so i am. gonna be. going to be ensuring that i get the. rest of the premium account for a really. good worth so i will be upgrading. quickly so only a heads up to you. guys who do want to get financial savings over the. long term they are doing a big black. friday sale for 60 off so if you do need. to verify that out. feel free and general yeah let’s get. into the relaxation of the day. aussie dollar that is the film on our. aussie greenback by the way. so where’s it going at the prime. and then worth is simply. correcting at this level. so we’ll see what occurs going forward. right so just a bit of an replace i’ve. been taking out the trades as you’ve got. just seen. so on to the following one happy with the. commerce overall and like i stated that was. the line that stand for me and worth is. really simply wicked above however.

You know see what occurs but um. i am proud of the trade general i did. the same factor once more and obviously i. don’t know the way how far worth is going to. pull back. there’s every likelihood that this could be a. continuation to move ahead nonetheless. because of how this area was revered to. the left i’m happy just to take away revenue. and bank some profit particularly after. breaking above. these areas here so pleased with that move. on to the next trade see if there’s. anything that develops at present. i am watching probably eurodollar. so let’s jump to. i am watching the potential of. eurodollar. and 4 potential lengthy. so eurodollar is quite early days the. order. so euro greenback is sort of early days the. obviously. development is. nonetheless very a lot bearish but it could probably be. early stages in a change in trend so. i’m on the lookout for a potential lung.

There was a potential that i missed. before so i’m looking to get in on. a potential second entry virtually so i’m. going to see how that develops um if not. i’m pleased to remain out the trade nevertheless it. was there is a chance. that it does form at present so i’m just. going to keep you updated with that and. um simply going to get on with the the rest of. the day proper so i stated i used to be watching. eu i’m now in eu long so i am again in the. eu. i took a break even earlier than like i. talked about. properly break even on eighty of the quantity the. remainder of the 20 was a. small partial profit of three to 1 but. we’re again within the commerce gonna see what. occurs with eurodollar now. and of course like always i will hold you. up to date. um but yeah very low prices. costs. you realize very early into the move however. what i am taking half in essentially is a change. in trend. on.

The. hourly time frame from the h4 to the h1. so we’ll see what occurs it is very. early. so. value doesn’t have to break to the. upside but if it is that that trade thought. playing out then we might see greater. prices for. you know a good size of time so it is. going to be fascinating see what happens. i am going to keep up to date and i’m going to. handle this commerce. proper so just a very fast update on. eurodollar i’m about to move out so i am. simply going to take the laptop computer with me so. i can handle the trade. so. clearly received in down here that is the. entry the pink line and the lineup beneath. just below it is the entry and stop so. cease this drill to break even simply. sufficient juice to cover commissions as. properly simply in case i do get taken out of. a break even i’ve also taken a partial. at three to one so i am out of 20 of the. quantity of the trade with the eighty simply.

Running so it’s gonna let this play out. see what occurs. i’m expecting these highs here to be. taken out at some point. nonetheless that doesn’t must be taken. out at this cut-off date so we’ll see. what happens it’s friday it is about to. go 12 p.m. um we’ll see what occurs over the following. few hours main into you understand four 5 6. p.m when the amount begins dying down. just a bit bit however i am gonna head out. now and um i will catch you all in a bit. right so simply come back from the barbers. it is presently about to go five to two. i’ve got a name at two so i just grabbed. some food on the way house. um before i get on the decision so. simply picked up. this so simply picked up a quick sandwich. so i’m gonna hit eat that. on some fruit received some fruit downstairs. as well the trade continues to be operating by. the finest way. the commerce remains to be working it hasn’t.

Gained an excessive quantity of. you understand improve in worth but worth is. nonetheless shifting we’ll see what happens over. the next couple hours. it’s nonetheless only 2 p.m so every little thing. could happen for the rest of ny. so i’ll monitor that however whilst. i am on the call i’m going to maintain you. know monitor of this see how it develops. and. see if we will get those greater costs if. not. then i am finally to interrupt even i’ve. already taken a partial on this so i’m. already. internet optimistic on the commerce so we’ll see. what occurs and that i’ll maintain you updated. on the place. that we itself by no means gonna hit it off. however i do not learn about you but we gotta. finish it you know it is true in case your mama. mentioned it. do not take this personally however you. should be someone else. you should be your self. oh. tears don’t fall but i know you’re. crying now don’t take this personally.

But you must be someone. proper so somewhat little bit of a fast ahead. so it is now tuesday the next week. so on friday i took that break even on. eurodollar after which i took a small win. on an aussie dollar and then took. another break even on the euro greenback as. properly took a partial in fact but then. just the rest of the trade pulled back. to break even so happy with that overall. very very positive week um. fairly a gradual week to start with but then. things positively start to ramp up. towards thursday and friday in the course of the. end of the week so very proud of the. method things have gone and eager to get. this week started as nicely so taking a. couple trays up to now maintain see what the. remainder of the week presents and naturally. we’ll do a another video in path of the. back finish this week as properly so that. ought to be good but overall hope you.