First time trading on MT4?

Sup you guys it is your lady choose sickle. and I’m simply going to type of stroll you. through putting your first trade in your. first order okay so let’s go to the. chart for instance you are taking a look at Euro. USD now whenever you have a glance at euro USD so much. of times we discuss with that as you we simply. shortened it up okay this unfold is. actually excessive it is a spread 19 for me. that’s really high you need to search for. something real low if you could get it you. know underneath ten or around five that’s. much much better the spread is costing. you cash okay. so however let’s say we want to place an. order on that anyway so we’re going to. click on on Euro USD and for me I’m on. android so it’d look totally different if. you are on iPhone however I’m going to place a. new order okay. so for example I even have a penny it says. level zero one that’s a penny okay in. the markets that Penny’s price ten cents.

You guys so if you win or lose it is. going to be much more than that penny. it goes to be ten cents so maintain that. in thoughts. or roughly ten cents all proper I’m. kind of mixed simplifying this for you. guys so if I was simply to hit up I don’t. know what ought to we do promote proper growth. which means I just placed an order and. I’m adverse I’m within the hole proper now. 17 cents okay let’s say I didn’t know. what I was doing so I didn’t put a stop. loss I didn’t put a take profit what a. stop loss is means I’m not prepared to. lose more than a dollar on this trade. and so I put within the stop loss or or we. don’t even count dollars we count pips. you guys however that is for the very very. newbies all right so what you could do. is you go back in now for me I’m simply. going to swipe right and that little. pencil I’m going to click on on it and on.

The left hand side because I’m promoting. proper and since I bought that like what. 113 is some change then I need to bump. this up I wish to bump this as a lot as 113. for example it says 14 right now I’m going. to give myself a 30 pip stop loss so. that means 14 24 34 so I’m going to. change it to 34 that is roughly 30. pips is what we name it so it is 1 thirteen 14. now and my stop loss is 1 13 34 so I’m. keen to lose that much cash which. will in all probability find yourself being what like $3. on this commerce okay let’s say that I. think it’s happening to 112 and so I. put my take profit over here within the. green side which if it will let me. adjust it okay so I put it to 112 and I. think it’s going to go to 112 I don’t. know 80 okay. in fact you take a glance at all your charts. earlier than you do this and then you definitely hit. modify when you do that you can now walk.

Away from the trade or you probably can babysit. the commerce nine instances out of ten if. you are new you are going to babysit the. commerce but so that you’re simply going to you’re. simply going to let it do its thing now. right and you’ll look at the charts and. see when you made an excellent decision a nasty. determination usually you’re going to want. to start out in your every day and simply look. at what it did that one green candle. right there’s what it did in the past. day okay here on h4 this is the last. 4 hours so let’s depend green candles. down one two three 4 that was the. last 4 hours it has been all moving up. and I simply sold it like an 88 however this. is a sample video all proper so we may. see here prior to now hour take a look at all. these one two three 4 5 six seven. eight nine ten hours it has been bullish. so it has been going up so it might have.

Been significantly better to buy this should have. in all probability looked at it earlier than the video. but anyhow I sold it so we’re in the. gap and I’m just sort of wanting now. I’m on the 15minute timeframe that is. what that m5 spin or m15 stands for. these are all minute so again to our. trade we’re within the gap 48 cents alright. so that was my sample video now let’s. say you’re doing this trade and you’re. like okay 50 cents was your max and. once more once you get advanced you’ll depend. it as tips we do not depend it as dollars. and cents however for instance you’re like I. got to get out of here I wish to lose 50. cents right swipe to the proper see that. checkmark click on that verify mark and it. tells you at the backside do you want to. close with a loss of 49 cents and let’s. say you’re like sure I do and you hit. close hit accept proper done and then.