EASY and ACCURATE M15 Market Maker Forex Trading Scalping Strategy | SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE SCALPING

So. hello and welcome back to bonex. funding group. on this video we are going to speak about. the most requested subject which is. scalping out there several merchants. really love to remain brief out there. they do not wish to swing or truly. intraday is one thing that could be very long. for them so i’ve been seeing several. messages in my telegram inbox flooding. with individuals requesting for scalping. strategies so this is principally going to. be an m15 technique which might easily be. adopted up and utilized anyone who has. or who can operate the mt4 or mt5 can. trade this and you may as properly trade it. on buying and selling view or on any other trading. platforms. so in summary we shall be trading the. intraday m15 cycle however earlier than we jump. into the struggle video make certain to try. our free telegram channel using the hyperlink. within the description field beneath.

On that notice please don’t be swayed by. people who include completely different links. within the remark section they are all. scammers who’re attempting to get a chance. so don’t fall for them for wand is for. armed. so in this video we’re going to outline. the strategy which is principally this. easy. m15 scoping technique then we’ll talk. about the entry parameters on how you. enter the markets then i am going to provide the. trade examples and the last however not. least the conclusion on uh. on on buying and selling this particular strategy. but earlier than we leap into the content material we. have this more introduced announcement we. are holding the november black friday. discount and for these who would love to. get our services we’ve a discount. working all through november so for 85. dollars you. get a recorded full class that was. actually taken from the october master.

Class then a peak identification. template which helps you. discover attainable points of market reversals. then one 12 months entry to our telegram vip. alerts channel the place we share indicators. and setups that’s entries stop losses. and targets and to get this use the hyperlink. within the description box beneath which is able to. lead you to our free telegram channel. and inside that you just get contact our. contact details. so the first thing is technique. definition and on this strategy bias. dedication can be attained by the. peak identification template. in case you have it or guide degree rely. or the ema principle. so you can as properly trade without biased. dedication however you. you slightly lower your accuracy and. will make use of the identical old indicators which. are the 5 thirteen 50 200 and 800 ema which is. exponential moving average utilized to. close so step one is to attain.

Bias using any of the three uh strategies. that we’ve talked about and as properly. you could not uh or ignore the bias. determination step so in case you have our. template first c and h4 dot and straight. after it’s fired. go straight to the m15 time-frame and on. that m15 time-frame. look for a 18 1850 ema crossover after. the h4 dot and you might also search for. this without the h4 dot so by wanting. for it without the template we are simply. referring to. um a 1850 ema crossover on the m15 time. frame and wait for a pullback to the 50. ema so observe price pull back to the 50. ema and enter after kindle closure under. the 50 ema. so listed below are the entry parameters as nicely. as a abstract of what we have simply said the. high of day or legislation of day should be. clearly seen you need to see the high of. day proper or low of day by high it is.

Basically the highest point or the. highest price that has been issued for. that specific day then after that is. set a 1850 ema crossover should be seen so. as the price is now shifting away from. the hod. or lod. you have to see a 1850 ema crossover. then a price pullback to the 50 ema must. also be seen. after an hod or lod has been set you. must see price coming back to the 50. ema so this will be on the 50 ema and. value pulling back to the 50 ema. after an lod. has been issued. so an entry shall be made after a candle. closes under the 18. this shall be in this case you make your. entry after a candle closes beneath thirteen and. cease loss might be round 15 pips but. should be above retesting construction so it. ought to be above the retesting construction. which is that this one or beneath this the. retesting construction in this market.

Context so the take profit shall be 25 to. 30 pips away from the entry level so. for instance you’ve got made your entry here. your take profit might be 25. to. 30 pips. from the entry point. proper. 25. or 30 pips away from the entry level so. here are now the examples of the kind of. trade that we are speaking about in this. case the law of d is that this considered one of course. butter is definitely derived is coming. from this uh earlier day after the legislation. of day has been issued the following thing is. now to see a 18 in blue in pink and a 50. in blue cross over after that crossover. a transparent worth circulate and price pulling. again to the 50 ema and may the closure. above the 18 might be our entry trigger. then. in this case the market went up. that is another instance on eurogbp the. first thing is to see the excessive of day. the upper of deal was issued after that.

We had a 1850. ema crossover an ideal worth move and a. pullback and kendo closure under thirteen and. value went in our direction. this was euro odd the first thing as we. have stated excessive of day was this one after. high of day at 1850 ema crossover value. flow and worth pull again to the 50 and. after that we see worth close can the. closure beneath the 18 and the market went. into our direction so somebody may say we. had been only snipping on these parts where. the market played well. as i at all times say all of the strategies on. this channel you should first. backtest them so that you can see if it is. conducive for you so with before you. jump into an actual account trading this. strategy please backtest it and see if. you it’s conducive for you the accuracy. fee is fairly well with this particular. strategy what you solely have to do is to.

Wait for these situations to be. satisfied. then this is one other euro odd excessive of. day at this point after that we had a. move after that circulate a retest of the 50. at this level in kendo closure beneath the. 18 and the market went into our. course. this could be a usd chf we had high of day. which was really set on this. specific day a flooring where we had a. 1850 ema crossover and the market went. again to the 50 ema we had one two three. factors where the market was truly. trying to to maneuver away from the 50. so on this case we are seeing this. occurred in the commerce deposition which. is the london session and can the. closure beneath the thirteen was going to provide. us an entry point in the market went. into our course. then this could be a pound against a greenback as. we now have mentioned the first thing is to. locate the law of day in this explicit.

Case and see a 1850 ema crossover market. flow after which market retesting of the 50. ema in this case we will see that there. was a very sharp uh spike if ever this. occurs look to see a price pull again to. 50. of the vector candle that’s the place you. make your entry and our entry was going. to be made at this level and. the market went into our course. so this is uh how you trade using the. m15. time frame it is very simple especially. if you have um the h the the our decide. identification template it will. mainly be telling you the point where. there’s higher probability of market. reversal and as quickly as you see that dot. await that crossover after which price. pullback and you may be done you’d see. that your trading will definitely change. on that notice we come to the top of this. video. thank you for watching and don’t forget.