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What’s up guys welcome again to the. youtube channel hope you loved season. one and two of attempt to survive i actually. loved the entire process and exhibiting. you guys. the backstories of of many alternative. traders at fx cartel so for that i it. was priceless. and that i hope it helps you resolve whether. trading was one thing you wished to. pursue or not. today’s video is going to be. a bit different as i will begin a. youtube journal of my week to week. buying and selling. journey so. no cd challenge no quick account flip. i’ll show you how i trade on a. weekto-week foundation so what i’m looking. out for when it comes to setups how i do my. research and the outcome of commerce so. that is going to be a very um. carefully. linked to what i already do within the 50. cal chat. but in a in a video format. we are sunday the seventh of november. and this is what i normally do i get.

Prepped for the week ahead so i am gonna. search for all uh the potential setups so. i’ll chart up or recharge all my. pair. i’m going to look for all of the potential. technical setup i am going to take a look. on the basic and see if we can. link the 2 collectively and. potentially farm find some. attainable play for the week so i normally. do that each sunday round four or 6 p.m. and that is the time where i ship. every little thing i find on the 50 cal. chat group. and. i’ll do i’ll start the. process now with you guys i’ve kraken. with uh. palm new zealand. so discovered new zealand. oh. so. last week so i feel it was posted on. the first of november uh if you guys. wish to verify instagram. uh i posted a video on a pleasant breakdown. on gm on tips on how to depart a runner um. tips on how to train with a runner mainly so. i think it’s extremely insightful.

In. how i do commerce so i suggest you go guys. um look out for this video. and in this video i clarify. this particular. entry there. the one 9. zero zero zero so i coated that uh. trade and and the rationale why i wished so. i’m gonna return on it shortly and why. it was a good commerce to take. so mainly. what we have on. this. massive degree there. we. had a nice. channel there. and we have been on the lookout for the second contact. on this channel which was round our. one 9 zero zero area. which is by the finest way a big. psychological number so this be a hundred ninety. are usually. very closely traded because simpler to do. and and very. susceptible to produce on demand with algorithm. so the extent was coated um by. many many shorts there from there there. i am official so when my really uh. when the price actually got here. again down all the finest way from. this prime to there i still have the quick.

Running which permit me to take this. threat contemporary and fairly heavy. so the path. did a nice 200 pips and that is why it’s. crucial to go away. actual runner. as a end result of they may assist you to they counter. trade with no threat. however a much bigger reward so that is the. complete objective of this. so it did work. and then it came back to retest and a. bit deeper and we. truly got here back to the second zone of. interest we had on our charts. these have been sent final week. which was the one eight nine 5 zero. and it did another a pleasant a hundred pip from. the level. and got here back to. give another contact on the. trend line so the underside of this channel. so it was anticipated to be. buying and selling lower as a end result of i anticipated the. pound to be weak. what comes subsequent. so what to anticipate subsequent. well. i all the time count on on this sort of. formation to a nice channel like this to.

Have no less than three touches on both of. the development either this one or this one. and what is truly occurring with out. one there and one there and one right here and. one. actually. above there. okay. so one might. say that. we are on the third one we wish to say. we are. as a end result of we truly are because we have. made a significant retracement from this. one 200 pips. so important sufficient to contemplate when. we come again we are in a position to actually have the. third touch on which we did. so. what might be expected. is one other push up. after which we’ll need to see if we stay. below the model new uh newly formed development line. which is a lot more aggressive so. that signifies that our development down there got. a lot more aggressive recently. like it was there so similar case scenario. here. we’re turning down nicely after which we. broke out of it after which we started to.

Range a bit and go snowing after which. gain the momentum back down so. uh i’m truly going to see if we are. going to remain below this. if we’re we’ll be a lot more. aggressive so i might expect a breach. of this one uh. very shortly not essentially on this. straight first retest however we are going to count on. one. or. properly what’s gonna occur is that we do. actually um. retest it slowly and then bridge and if. we breach i am interested on this. level which was coated also within the. video i posted on. on instagram. so this will be truly my first uh. zone of interest. on. gn. yeah. so. what i need to say here is that i do not. really care the place the trade goes and. most of you guys. appear to suppose that we want to know where. the value goes so as to generate income we. don’t so we only have to be prepared. either method so i do not really know i have.

A. an id so my thought is that the father or mother is. still um taking place like it’s been going. for the past. a couple of days so i nonetheless assume that. it is cheap to buy however there is additional. downside to be expected so i am extra. based mostly whereas down which is why i am. holding plenty of shots along the method in which and. not bad that’s why i’m focusing extra on. the short. and i’ve more runners however it doesn’t. actually matter as a outcome of if it was to go up. i will be prepared as nicely so that’s why i. want to say you don’t actually need to. have a path okay each path is. good for longterm acquire like swing. buying and selling however that does not essentially. mean you could’t earn cash uh by not. understanding and i’ll present you. hopefully you are going to present you over. the subsequent few weeks that that’s the case. so first might be. the precise. level that we use as a purchaser.

And we can. see. in the feedback that the. by curiosity there. change to selling trust so that is this. massive zone is what we call a supply and. demand zone at this specific worth. there. so there may be a lot of sleep page and that. is. what i imply by. understanding your pair you should know your. pair to see i would react and be round. this stage so for me. if you also take a look at the most recent transfer down. we see a. good. 38 around this level which is a robust. indication of momentum. so which increased my stage of interest. for that worth so clearly that is. one thing i’m gonna be excited about. one thing like this might be. might be looked at uh one thing like. that so entering barely. uh below so across the ninety or eighty five so 191. uh. place a pending so that you understand higher. what i imply. you could be taking a look at something like. this a 50 pips.

There and 35 most probably. should achieve this something like this is ready to. probably work if it does to work. so one thing alongside those strains there. okay. i hope that is sensible to you. so one thing i’ll partial 30 pips. after which the 50 pips and at all times go away a. runner okay i at all times depart a runner no. matter what it is only when i counter. trade with a runner that do not. necessarily go away know and cash. every thing reason being that i am going. to plan that 90 % of my position. so i am going to leave a ten % proper now i’m. going to plan that ninety percent of my. place truly covers my one to a minimum of one. point five threat actual ratio which implies. that when i money ninety p.c of my. position i’ve i’ve fulfilled. my uh ninety %. fulfilled my one to 1 level five. levels ratio which signifies that i’ve. cashed more than that threat. and i am pleased and i can’t lose even when i.

Was shedding half of the time. so which allowed me to gain a ten p.c. runner that is at no risk but can permit. me to develop so much bigger over time and. counter tread so much bigger and at no. risk. and that is why you should use it. so that is my first alternative there. what i’ll be uh looking at as properly. while we’re at it. i like sixty one and that i just like the look of the. incontrovertible reality that um last time we we examined this. price there. and it’s a match of our 61.. so that may be very interesting to me. and i do additionally like. this. small space there across the 193 which i. know. being an excellent level. if you take a look at. this stage. round right here. yeah nicely rejected i feel we’ll have. something round this taking place and i. know 193 has been. known to reject the price. and having some. action around it so this is what i would. anticipate. if our price was to go up with none.

Fundamental. which signifies that at any time somebody can. change the technical view that you have got. and you should adapt. material would possibly turn out to be worthless if the. fundamental hour towards candidacy. that’s what. you want to do if you chart is all the time. from. technical perspective however then you definitely add. the elemental afterward and that’s what. we’re gonna do in a while and that is what. we’re gonna do throughout the week or. the following few weeks. and reassess false. okay. and sure 193 is an efficient stage as a outcome of if. you look at the 193 around there round. there. i do know it to have a lot of motion around. it is all of the 193 they’re there they are. there so i do know for a fact that it is. something attention-grabbing and when you have a glance at. on the base there. nicely. i think we now have a nice. on a weekly um. we had a pleasant rejection from this value. there so i might anticipate when you come back.

Here to have something of. a similar um. preliminary reaction. so not. a big. 300 piece reaction however a reminiscence response. so the market will remember. and that is around our. one eight. 5 eight so eight eight five eight so. most likely. if you put a cable like this. we get to see only. nexon of interest. to be here. so i do not expect a robust reaction right here. but when we now have to open up and go. straight up to it straight down really. i’d anticipate something like that. to happen. and that could additionally be a good 30 pips to take so i. suppose this has 30 pips to supply if there. is nothing um phenomenally against it. but i believe. i am extra toward something like that. happening. this and that. over the following few days. appears like so. not each chart will lead to many many. trade setups within a small. window so on gm for instance i do know that. if it goes up i’ve obtained extra commerce.

Opportunities coming meals go downs not. a lot which is okay as a end result of i’m still. shocked so it does not really matter and. that is why i grabbed a good shot and. that is why leaving the runner was a great. thought in the first place when i am going. search for. metallic setup so silver and gold. and. gg. ga i do not suppose there might be much to take action. i will monitor throughout the week. what’s gonna happen. what we will see from uh encompass now. uh um. so we’re. it’s fairly tough i mean uh we are ready to see. an inverted electrode there. so we might primarily based on this. shoulder head shoulder. you can count on the worth to go there. and then perhaps make. this. huge reversal. i believe that may be. fairly attention-grabbing to see that. nonetheless. we are. presently. we’ve damaged. first second third contact and we broke. and we on the retest the secondary take a look at. of this trendline.

So. should you look at it as purely technical so. purely technically. the retest there. break and we obtained the retest here. generated. about 50 pips and we come again on this. with now the ema. so suspect that we slowly uh are going. to. reverse. not essentially massive time from there. but a minimal of. decelerate the momentum. and i believe around this area there. it may go all the means in which to the top. as you’ll be able to see i’ve. shorted this area there a bit for a. while just because final time. it was nicely rejected and rejected for. uh i feel it was. nearly yeah three dollars which is so much. so over 10 p.c. depreciation for the uh metallic. was significant significant enough that. after we come back to it. uh as fast as you did that you’ve. once more a memory. and a trading memory and that’s. properly that shorted there or dumped their. uh. long. will do the identical here which is what it.

Rejected quite sharply the price. fast with that in thoughts. we have got one thing very similar here. and this is what i’m taking a look at. on this space. so should you’re a single price going up. quite nicely there. be positive to be thinking about one of those. two or if not those two so i am actually. looking at this. it is simply super 26 as properly 26 spherical. number run quantity do work properly on on. silver so i will be thinking about that. area now so these i haven’t modified. something. now. i could possibly be wanting on the fast one. there on this even a quick one but i am. not. such a day trader for um in any respect i like. to have much less opportunities however much. stronger trade so. i do think that is going to yield some. pips. what quantity of i do not know and i’m not likely. interesting. so. uh by way of cell. i’ve tried this one and i took this one. there so. and when you look at buys.

Then. you can. pull up a quick. ship there and if we had been to go shop. there. uh clearly we might take a look at because we. burnt from the 30 properly 30 50. should you. go back to the sixty one then i’d have an. curiosity there and it’s also been properly. rejected here. and that could also be a key degree round there. and that is round. 20. 23 50 which can additionally be something that works. fairly nicely so you can count on. some website there. so. i could possibly be i might be attention-grabbing in. this stage there. i would be excited about that stage here. if a goal was to behave the identical way so. if the actual. value of gold. let me present you. when you had something. like. there. that worth motion if we now have something. similarish. methodology which will be steel metal. pushed. if we’re to. retrace to 38 for example or 50. so if you want to retrace there. or there. and even there.

And if it match the. the array i’m trying at the server then. that may comfort me in the. potential by mainly. so in term of uh gold. so. uh what i’ll be looking at is that this. massive cell. so i may anticipate uh. to happen the opening a slightly higher. value. a retest there. and we return to ourselves so i’m. hoping to get this cell this. week which will be. 18. 30 space. um. this is cad. i’m not expecting something. to be honest on. cad. this work but i did not. take it due to the uh the quantity of. fundamental launch we had. gg. i shared that on. instagram final week so this did work. pretty well. worked pretty properly we had the whole. breakdown. covers on our um. 50 cal chat really so if you return. to uh. where was this. um. that’s it. so. this was the breakdown that we had for. her. trainer. and. it followed through pretty properly so i am.

Actually lengthy from there i am gonna hold. on to it to see. worst case now you would go to the small. area there on the 151.8 and reverse with. the moving average. i feel a bit extra upside um possible. there. nothing. a lot. on ga. i missed the shot there again too many. uh too much longer made me bail on that. one and it works pretty nicely. um. we coated that and. silver. yeah so silver. quite good on the on the. on the worth. uh again i said that on. social media. this week that by was quite good. the. 23 uh 2305. buy so was fairly good. so this is it our sunday prep is over. i’ve charted what i needed to chart. most of the time i will not have much to do. generally i should redo every thing. as a end result of the worth has moved outdoors of. the world i’ve looked at. so which was the case for gn which i. defined so gn. ga. silver gold and gg covered so now.

Just have to attend the opening and see. what the wick is uh is giving us. i’m going to check the chat now see what. has happened since yesterday uh charting. session. so gm is working out uh. nicely. and we also have gga making a. transfer from the level so if you keep in mind. yesterday all the father or mother pair were on. the assist degree. a fair few i was thinking about so we’re. going to check that out. so first one. is our. gm. so. we acted fairly nicely now from the level. so we have been expecting an preliminary move of. 30 pips. and it is now working round 60 pips from. our. area there so keep in mind this is coming. from the previous. rejection we had round here. there on the day by day this one. and it made a big rejection. there so it was truthful to uh anticipate. a 30 pips pull back like this. which was accomplished so what happened on. this one it completed the commerce i used to be.

Expecting so it retraced and got here again. to the pattern line. and went decrease. this morning when i jumped on the chart. i. noticed the transfer the retracement being made. and it did not break the trend line so i. was fascinating to see if it was going. to return again on that degree and see if it. was going to bounce on by the level and. when it did come again to that stage he. did. come again there. on this one. all the opposite pairs started to retrace. so it. type of informed me that the move. overall transfer total strength for the. pound was arising. hello guys so it is tuesday the 9th of. november i am. simply going to examine the charts i can. already see. that gn buy from the. rick. rejection we highlighted on. sunday is doing the pips so we anticipated. to drag again from this. we did not know what to expect however we. knew we might anticipate a 30 pips. so i did take my.

30 pips from this degree. and now. i’ve left a great chunk of this. operating as defined yesterday. and it’s now doing. nearly. a hundred and fifty pips which is basically really good so. right now we’re i’m going to present you. free on chart. okay so. we have. received a long operating so now what i’m going. to do is i’m going to take a shot right. there. right now. which is uh. it is really quicker to it on the phone. so the sort of setup i will be wanting. at. so for this i will use. a setup like this. so right now. so what we’re going to do. and we will take a. counter shot. and there. so we still have all these short working. yeah so what i feel. is. good. is to provide it 30 pips on this one. so i am gonna give it. 30 pips. 30 pips will be. 30 run. and you can see that it will be much more. if i’m going all the way there so. principally. if this trade would not work i don’t get.

Difficult from it and it goes to stop. loss i’m gonna should take. um. i feel. a 3rd out of my current lengthy to make. up for what i simply misplaced so. which implies that. my mortgage will still be making money alongside. the way. however i should take a third. chunk out of it. to account for the try of. going back down. that facet mainly. so the setup. if i show you on a clean. screen so what i’m taking a glance at now i am. taking a glance at something like this. 30 pips. so a threat like that. for a reward of. initial 30 pips. in order that’s that sort of setup. is. most likely not good for you should you just. take a commerce one to one or three hour. present i mean you’d should have a really. excessive accuracy rate. which i can now as a result of i do know i’ve got. a pretty good accuracy rate however if you. take a counter commerce with a position. that’s allowing you to take.

Um. riskfree in a method you simply lose off the. unrealized revenue that you have got made so. you’re not shedding cash you are just. losing a bit of the revenue you could. potentially make. so i call that threat free. one to at least one is perfectly fantastic. what you could do however is that if. your oneto-one. works. you’ll be able to then decide to move stop loss at. break even. and go away the full place operating if. you suppose that’s where you make the. fundamental. play a much bigger role in your trade. is whenever you think that the fundamentals. are still. general down. due to this fact every counter position you. take you quick depart it. that by. if i take the counter trend it makes 30. pips i may catch the whole buy and. then maintain on to the cell however like i. stated yesterday we eat an all. an general. rally level for all of the pound pair which. is what i updated yesterday to the uh.

Number. and what does that imply it signifies that. the the mother or father has the potential to. reverse throughout the the whole um. currency market. it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a. reversal area but it means that it’s. in the intervening time. a reversal so long term not necessarily. but brief time period yes but the quick term is. how short. and you can’t really know and. from the phenomena inside i’ve received the. quick term must be short. but i don’t know that so i’m gonna play. like. that is doubtlessly the reversal so i’m. not going to bail out on my bike on gm. so what i will do is. on this particular commerce. so from this lengthy. i’m nonetheless going to try to maintain. right down to the position for as long as i. can. first. test for this one. shall be to see what happened there. if we see a pullback i want to say pull. back to this area. if we do not even go to this space then.

I’m assuming the momentum is. robust to the upside if you go there and. we retest and you come back right here and we. break that down and we go there. i’m additionally assuming there is a good. momentum to the upside not as robust as. if we are not even going there but still. robust sufficient. so if we get. certainly one of these. so principally if this commerce. fails. when you just pull back to the small 30. pips and return up it is smart for. me to hold on to that position as a outcome of. doubtlessly there might be much more upside. and like i mentioned i am actually attention-grabbing. and nonetheless have some curiosity to this. area there. and this. is. 300 pips away so you wish to attempt to seize. 300 pips you don’t wish to wager. everything you have got on on one to 10. eating places you’re making an attempt to grab this. as a outcome of more often than not you will you. will fail to get this so it implies that.

You will fail to safe some profit. alongside the best way and that will build up. frustration frustration provides up. to. um being. impatient if you come to look for. another setup and you will inevitably. leap onto commerce since you are. annoyed so. doing it the method in which i do i secure profit. alongside the method in which but i all the time attempt to play. the longer. term. sport. which i’m trying to do now with. potentially. much much rewarding trade but when it. would not work out. i nonetheless made cash alongside the way in which so. good instance is is that this huge. transfer down 1200 pips i feel 14 which i. grabbed from one single trade and that i. scaled that up all the means in which i’ve made a. lot of money alongside the greatest way on this trade. and now to the point that if it is. now the reversal. come again up i am nice as a outcome of. i made it work for me. so right now. we’re. just waiting for this path to determine.

Whether we break. or we bounce so we counter quick. if we uh go up and hit cease loss. then we’re gonna need to take the. the chunk out of our log. if we make these 30 pips. i think. a partial. three quarter of it and then maintain on to. 1 / 4 of it and add up to all of the. lengthy if you come back we retest the legislation. but it appears to me that. um. the pound. has. began to rally on monday normally right. is on tuesday you might see some. reversal later right now and and tomorrow. and then actually we’ll rally up once more on. on thursday and friday we’ll determine. whether or not we take a revenue from this rally. or not so it seems to me that the plan. has obtained a bit extra upside. uh this week and that is what i am gonna. try to play on. and. for this particular. pair. i think our key level could be to see. whether or not we go to the. 38 space principally and cross it so.

What we are ready to do now. is that this. level. there. as slightly transfer down. to. this. as a end result of that is the principle 38 so my killer. is still around these. weight rejection. 192. however now the zone has increased in measurement. as a outcome of the first convention is 38 there. so my first confluence is going to. dictate the the width of the zone. and i am unable to ignore the first entry point. being the 38 itself so. what i’ll look out for is. see if we go there and if we do. we will get the response however what i can. anticipate that even if it does not react to. this price is that the worth can go all. the greatest way to my end of the box. and then. fiddle. after which react and that would be. perfectly normal i would not panic if. this happened. okay so it is tuesday night. just back from the ground i’m going to. jump on the highest with you rapidly. uh gn showed that we had been taking a glance at one.

Nine zero zero zero worked out pretty. properly he did the 30 50. um we didn’t. risk something because we used to buy. the running place as a. method of. removing the chance from that counter journey. so that labored out pretty properly so. catch 30ish. pips left or runner and the renault. elementary. broke even which is okay we tried in. case if it was going to reverse. back down which he did not so we nonetheless. have the lengthy operating um. good leash and we had a riskfree. try at the shorts on the short so. now i’ll verify. the next trade that has just figured. which is the trigger which is gold so if. you look at golden which implies. we add. uh. space. proper there. and. it took all day. to trigger so it played across the degree. which i knew it was to be honest. primary reason is i had a shot on silver. 24.5. and this did the 30 pips so now i’ve got.

Um one quarter of the place left to. try to maintain on to it and this has not. pushed back to break even whereas gold. has been shifting up barely. so which means to me that gold was. more probably to. in regards to the area where it was. which is round our cellar rail so it. did miss initially um midafternoon and. drop hundred pips so this is now a lot. riskier. but because i. took the bike on the brake we retest. which i confirmed you. before. and permit me once more to take that counter. commerce waiver threat so it simply shows you. that this kind of buying and selling type. is extremely rewarding as a result of mentally it. frees you up of. the. that means of taking a threat. and. more often than not. traders do fail to um profit from an. alternative as a result of they do not like the. threat related to that chance. and they simply search for the most effective. situation and never actually get to jump.

On the precise trade even when it’s a good. one so this allowed you to um. develop your mental. thoughts recreation. for the for the buying and selling and allow you to. actually profile for these alternatives. that you chart up however you don’t at all times. take because you don’t like the chance. associated with you find a good good. decent setup you’re taking it and you at all times. go away a runner and that renault goes. that can help you out in each. setup you are going to discover. on that pair should you still have it. so this. this took the whole day. to get to the uh degree so if you have a glance at. the. for our you see that it. touched the lower end of my box. and then dropped. about a hundred pips. from the low and entry and then dropped. nicely after which come again up and he. usually does that. gold will often simply go there and then. go deeper to make a much bigger transfer that’s. something that is very common with gold.

So why didn’t get into the trade nicely. due to the whole. silver thing. i used to be wanting on the ir nation and to. be. quite honest with you i used to be looking at. where it has been final time the top of the. week and the top of the week was. making me look at around 132. or. 8 sorry 1 eight 33 1 eight 32. so now i am uh in. uh ought to pull you up the commerce. uh i imply. proper now proper now so it’s operating a. few pips. i’ll just like the money. 50 pips on that one. take. three quarters out of it and depart a. quarter working and then. we runner see the place we go i don’t. really know i do not really know if. he’s going to be massive or not as a result of this. is solely. tech trade there is not any. basic there is nothing to drive. the. u.s dollar stronger. so there’s nothing. that suggests this is going to be a. reversal for long term so. how a lot can you extract from it i don’t.

Know so i am i would be looking on the. commerce if it was just a trade on its own. can i get greater than what i danger that’s. the risk actual ratio if i could then the. trade would be fascinating and i would. take the commerce for this i actually risk. nothing i simply danger a. partial. a small portion of the unrealized revenue. that i am working so i am okay with. losing some of that. unrealized profit to take some more. profit along the best way basically. so i’m gonna take three quarter out at. 50 pips ish if i can so i will. uh like set that up in a single day as a result of. it’s more probably to be triggered overnight. and tomorrow when i get up. we see the place we’re with the. the remainder of the trade. so i’m going to put a. stop loss. around. 30 pips so i do not assume it should come. again now to this. it’s been messing around so it both. drop now or simply smash larger up.

And if it’s far more up i needn’t. threat extra and due to this fact i’ll only have. to remove a small portion of my profit. and if he goes to. 50 pips. tp. so we’ll see right here because by this probably. that i’m going to get up it goes to. have to. will probably be. cashed on solely 50 pips. and it is likely to retrace and then come. again up once more and in cool what i really. assume it’s going to occur simply because. of um the way in which silver is behaving that’s. understanding more about. the market in the future i commerce. and. that’s one thing you can be taught with me. when you’re within the physical community. so much one. i’m simply going to attend for that. precise commerce. to. tp mainly. so i took it back on on the development line. which is where i wished to enter. uh aside from that. um so this labored out very nicely we had. we add to. the. we had. a commerce on this one.

Actually. that’s the trade id i instructed. and. suggest you to go shop round there just. for uh. per week 30 pips which it did i was in. high danger commerce however it did. so what i used to be taking a look at. merely this. trend line there and the type of clever. that we broke previous and retest. so all my purple space on my chart on the. chart shall be zone where uh if i took. the purchase and it bypassed the tone i’ll be. thinking about taking yourself whereas. the the red one and the green one are a. sturdy arrow when i need to sell oh my. purple accomplished is the place i count on. a move to occur and be. shortterm lived. and then eventually break after which take. the retest after which again. shortterm raise and i do that after so. normally a purple box on my chart is. something i’ll use for buy or promote and. anticipate the break and then. do the alternative. so. on this specific chart that’s exactly.

What occurred. we came again all the means in which. so this one broad handed and we examined. after which went to this one labored so mess. round this one but it was already used. came back labored once more and then worked. once more and then broke. retest and on the retest it was price. the shot. so this was simply uh. c30 pip so this is what was despatched within the. in our chart analysis service. so nothing exceptional on this one. what else did we now have. i believe that was it um. gg has been messing about that space so. that chew works fairly nicely after which. it is simply finding its fit so like i mentioned. the pound proper now. it’s obtained. every little thing to be weak however was on a. robust um. purchase degree throughout the entire currency. market so. which meant that the pound was cheap to. buy this is why i bought the pound and. and. held on to a good chunk on gm as a outcome of it. was low cost across the board.

So it was worth. the attempt of shopping for and holding so now. i think it’s discovering the market is just. deciding whether japan is. um we’re folding oh we nonetheless seen as too. weak and then we’ll get additional down so. proper now i do not really know i’m just. going with the circulate and. i’m going to maintain on to my pictures that. i’ve got running and i’m going to maintain. on to the purchase stage running and see. where we go i feel once we have handed. this space and comprehensive this is. going to be the massive retest referred to as gm. and same for. gg. comparable delicate of degree that shall be. coming so that’s one thing we’ll see. most likely either at the finish of the. week could be friday i would like to be. friday friday late station. clearly it’s going to be one thing for. subsequent week so up to now it’s it is going. pretty well. this week has been solely win for me so i.

Can’t actually complain. and. yeah we’ll see if we got any other. alternative if he get that win on objective. and go for some guys so we’re back on. the charts. it is wednesday. um. every opportunity. i. charted up on sunday. has been fulfilled there’s yet one more. commerce that that could be. having an interest on and that’s if it. unfolds on friday and that’s the. quick. we have on so it has been coated in the. chart um with the lengthy working there’s. a potential um second counter thread as. a shot. i am attention-grabbing in and it’s around. the 192 space remember the 38 film different. than that. gold has been. triggered overnight indeed the 50 pips. we have the runner um i think so. that is covered. they purchase and sell labored out fairly. nicely on gm. three trades we shot on silver as well. in order that was the extent i was involved. in. and other than that a couple of.

Opportunities which have been. despatched. into the chats. was a dangerous. gc. a sort of bright retest area with a. trendline touch and that did 90 pips i. did not take the trade. too risky for me however it will work out. nice. hey guys it is thursday i will. replace the week thus far as a outcome of i will not. be on the market much tomorrow so simply. in case i can’t do any update. lots has happened. we will check what has occurred. on the chart. so to begin with. if we verify. gn. our purchase remains to be running. our counter cell. labored. pretty properly. i missed out on. this. view. i missed out on adding a position there. right here. on the. simple. retest of the trend line that trendline. so i missed out on. the break we test for additional. upside it did one other a hundred and twenty pips so having. i will present you on the floors will see a. slightly better. check. right. yeah so.

I’ll purchase right here. labored excellent. our. cell. there keep in mind from the. big. psychological number. what. fairly properly. one hundred fifty pull back 60 pips. you. could have. so. as a end result of i do not. day trade. i’ve traded day traded by the previous which. requires you to be on the screen so much. more usually so for an extended interval of. time which is what i’ve tried to step. away from. but if i used to be day buying and selling one other. opportunity that would have been okay to. take. is. this one. on the. four hour. we had a pleasant. one type of two. three bounce. and then it broke out of the. major development line so. the chance that would have been. they traded. aggressively. is just a retest there. of this. final one even this one should you contemplate. this as a bounce which i wouldn’t have. yeah as a result of the transfer. 30 pips is too small however this undoubtedly. is a giant transfer. and that is. a retrace for a second contact.

And made a significant transfer. to be thought of the third touch there. so. proper there is where they might have. looked technically for a 3rd touch. and if you pull up a fib i am pressure is. 38 sure. that is our 38. so right there. would have been one thing. i might have taken by the previous this is. aggressive buying and selling however on the primary. contact second number 38. i am expecting. i am expecting the contact. to actually give me 30 pips a minimal of. particularly if it’s coming from over 100. pips move which it is virtually. so 38 with the primary touch you hardly ever go. wrong if you’ve got the right momentum. so to get the right momentum on the pair. like this. you would wish to check different pound pair. to see if the momentum is aligned so are. different per bullish. if they are more or less bullish then. you could suppose that there is momentum. to the upper facet for the pan and.

Therefore that is this technical setup. is more probably to work one factor to verify out. um. is. where are we when it comes to the information. launch for japan. so you’re just wanting on. something like that. you would be. going on your regular results calendar. and check if there’s any specific news. for the week which i have not carried out on. sunday however as we go alongside we’ll uh we’ll. cover a lot more. as a outcome of last week was heavy on news. launch and that i knew this week was. a light-weight apart from one information which we’ll. cover later. so what you’d do. is. you’ll basically. go over all your. fundamental launch and ensure that. this. really. just isn’t in the way of one thing that. may potentially it up. basically. so. and have not gone with this one. so yeah should you’re looking at the uh. possible trade that i have missed. is uh one thing that i could have.

Take. is this. one the retest of our pattern line. when you take a look at this streamline. maintain transferring. under the c set off. first. and connect there. and therefore after we had a break right here. where we initiated the bounds. which is what we used for our. counter shot then the break on the. retest of this. you could expect some pips on. on the trend line. retest which. consequently led. to. uh properly we actually did. one hundred thirty pips so i may have as a outcome of. operating the lengthy still. it might have make sense to add on on. this one so. just not enough time on the display. didn’t enable me to take this journey. nevertheless it reveals you that the technique i am. utilizing. truly works for. people who have plenty of time to spend. on the display screen and those are so that i. don’t have. that much time on the screen so. did not spend much time on the screen but. i managed to to grab a couple of trades.

In in a single single pair. it is the main thing is. this week. yes i may have ended with three. trades however. two worthwhile trades in a single single. pair so. this is still running 200 pips. and the counter commerce which was about 40. folks we are going to take a look on the end result. so. overall it isn’t it’s not a foul way if. you manage to do that on a daily. basis i am saying every week it is going. to be that straightforward. to seize the commerce sometimes you are going. to take loss however when you manage to take. 4 to five uh. weight on on one forex pair every. month. it’s pretty first rate for the time you. spend on the display to be truthful. so. that was the top. but what happened actually. i wish to cover. is gold. so with gold. our cell. space. worked fairly properly so it was worth. taking the danger yes he came really close. and did the transfer. however. you may find.

Out that pretty often. gold. do. have a tendency to return twice to the entry and. deeper earlier than making a major transfer. so. he did what issues that he did the transfer. that we had been. after and that’s uh. what occurred. we had a major following this. uh retest we had a serious break to the. upside. unfortunately i missed the. cell zone i used to be interested. in. i was excited about that. 1870s or precisely 1869. mr relying by not not much. what happened is simply we had. the release. of. the inflation figure for u.s. and inflation has been working high that. i do know and i have been uh following i. did not know when you would go uh. that prime to the point that you would. beat expectation and as a matter of fact. when you look at these figures there. we smashed. the expectation so what does it imply it. implies that the inflation right now in. the u.s. is uncontrolled.

And that’s what triggered the. huge big rally in. metals so gold and silver so what does. it mean for the future for the u.s it. signifies that the fed now is not going to have a. alternative then to act so they will have to. tapper with with the market. and therefore we are prone to see. rate of interest. hike coming. sooner than anticipated principally these. kind of inflation determine where the one. that the feds were anticipating uh next. yr. to stop the. climbing. course of for the rate of interest and i. assume they should. move. quicker. the pace. so this. was a miss. the cell. we got it we received the cell. the break we test to the cell. this. properly. that is still operating this one. so. all the way in which as you pull back i’ve catch. some as a result of that is what i used to be planning. to uh. to be fair you must have a glance at my chart. there. i used to be taking a glance at. this. as my goal for the bull run each end.

Of yr we get. we frequently have a boat run on metals. and massive rally so i positioned myself for. that varnish early on. and i ended up along the means in which. however that massive spike uh that was yesterday. allowed me to money half of my position. sooner than uh anticipated because. there isn’t any level if you get paid. what alpha what you anticipated. over the course of a month or so in a. day. what’s the point on not. cashing some of it so. if you receives a commission. half of what you. would have expected over a month but in. a day. it would possibly be silly it will be silly not to. take it so. took half of my earnings. around the space there. miss the counter commerce. that is okay but i’m nonetheless i am still long. and for this. commerce. i will be. seeking to add should you get an opportunity to go. around right here and go back up i’ll try to. add some more right here which. not sure we’ll get. what might happen most likely if we keep.

Around this level there. probably tomorrow. we. we might see the value moving barely. greater up after which get another. cell which i wish to see clearly. if we take a look at. metals. and look at silver. example. so silver. yeah. same thing. so. i obtained stopped out from this shot yeah. so. this. was. a runner. and i have a runner from. there as properly. so this one obtained stopped out. so that is. dead now. but this one remains to be running. so nonetheless operating once more. this pullback i have no real. attack. to uh take a commerce from there mainly. i had. the old. level there yes which is just primarily based. across the uh. 25.25. which i do know is an effective level so mr matt. that’s okay what i did i jumped on the. retest. so i’m truly long. as properly there from there so i just. jumped on the retest. very very aggressive move we had so. that moved there after we came to retest.

The 23 fib. uh i went on and because 23 toes. was on the extent. the forty five. which was the rejection we had here. there. so we had an injection there. and. on its means back this was matching my uh. 23 fib. so. it made sense for me to only strive it. figuring out that worst case situation. i’m only. less than 30 pips away from a giant strong. 38. which is round also some. attention-grabbing degree. so. not a major danger. and what you anticipate from this sort of. transfer. not all the time but. very very sharp move like this usually. retrace. fairly significantly but then they feel. that retracement. so. spike. retrace and then feel the retracement so. you just about just about. see. the value going back reduce those uh. wool excessive so and this is what it is simply. accomplished there as a outcome of it’s done over. 50 pips so now it is interesting to see. is that silver has passed the. the freshly made high.

When. gold hasn’t really. it hasn’t. passed. the. the high so. if mainly if this stays round the place. it is. tomorrow. ideally. on the most recent session. if it stays round here it provides this a. bit extra time to select up and grab some. extra uh. momentum only for better reversal. so this factor there. will assist me. decide to go on this shot. which i missed initially. nonetheless. if this goes up. then. perhaps so if this goes up. i will be tempted to see. to suppose that this is going to go up as. properly and we could see one thing like. this. so i am not sure i don’t actually know. these were um. unexpected move to be fair. not sudden in a means that the bad cpr. being that bad. made it very um. aggressive so the momentum was harsh on. aim as a result of nobody expected the the. end result to be that far out of. expectation. so the market react actually badly so.

That’s at all times the case you realize you’ve got. obtained expectation and if we are not inside. the expectation. i cowl that within the physical the. further away we’re from this. expectation the bigger the value. correction for the market and that is. what we noticed on goal and if you take a look at. gold principally. from. this. level that we had and this one. you’ve falcon. there was nothing there stable in time period of. tech to. slow down or cease the value so it makes. sense that whenever you’ve obtained something. like. a very very very bad cpi like we had. yesterday. that it’s going to merely go from one end to. the opposite hand without stopping that. stated. one. could have simply used that info to. bounce anywhere. wherever on the trade although so if you. have a look at it in time period of. a statistic perspective. and and that is what i try to get my uh. staff to be educated for is that utilizing.

Combining the information combining the. the the interpretation of the results. and the statistics mathematics of. buying and selling so if you take a glance at should you look at. it from a pure mathematical point of. view. and it will make sense what i am saying. when you look at it this manner. so what am i doing. take a look at this. if you want to take a tread from there. and if i’m going all the way to its facet. there okay. i’ve made it slight slightly it is simply. for the aim of it and it is because. fundamentals are often this way one to. one is completely fine however for the. function of this instance i just show you. a tribe that has a slightly better. reward and risk. setup so a threat reward ratio of probably. 1.1 so not superb obviously. however. still constructive nonetheless what i’m. trying to. to say here. is that. on a setup like this. if you know the way to learn the info.

And if you understand. what it means and when you’ve carried out your. job appropriately with the charting of this. pair. which implies that you understand that from this. trend line to this degree there might be. nothing. price. touching so there isn’t any actual provide on. demand room there isn’t a particular value. individuals are thinking about. subsequently. there may be there’s nothing so technically. we will say there could be nothing of value for. us. so one is a on outcome if. there could be. far out of. expectation results the way we did. i could have simply. purchased. gold. i would say usually. it is fairly dangerous to do it as a end result of. the the films is um generated rather. fast however in this particular case. if you’ve obtained time to enter. anyplace inside that objective. as a buy. understanding that the momentum goes to be. sturdy as a result of the information goes to push. gold hard because the info was really. unhealthy.

And your technical is displaying nothing. that may hinder your. trade so no stage that will slow down or. reverse the trade then when you handle to. enter anyplace in that space. for me it makes sense to buy gold even. personal use and even another. character sphere and past that. limit where the risk now will get bigger. than the real and. why i am saying the risk is that a lot. because there’ll. at all times be a threat that this goes. up up up after which come again all the way down to. retest it. at all times so if you’re. anywhere. above it. then your risk would have been greater. than your reward and. on those threads that you will lose. this will eat away all your uh. revenue over time and for this reason. whenever you begin it is it is important for. you to get. trade that have. higher reward than risk till you know. how profitable you might be i imply in terms. of success fee your success.

Your strike price. you gotta go together with a greater reward than. threat straight so some of the setup will. look wonderful however then the chance world is. just not there to be taken and when you. do not know that you are correct enough. regularly to take them then you definitely. are you able to’re just gonna need to depend on. the risk actual ratio basically. so if you have a glance at this at this one and. we have a look at the for instance the 4 hour. let me pull up the chart. in order that was the quarter-hour. you see in that first quarter-hour we blew. past it but then we got here to retest it. in that dawn which means that. at this level there. it was maybe. possibly. value. jumping in. and hope to see that. i didn’t do it first as a result of i wasn’t uh. buying and selling it but i would not have carried out. that because. for me a transfer of. 280 pips. i’d discover hard to imagine that there. is another 200 plus pips.

On that tread on that momentum it. occurred but this time there was. nevertheless it’s it is it’s really hard if that. transfer would have been one hundred fifty pips maybe. maybe but 280 pips that would mean to. make it interesting i must. count on one other 280 pips that’s a. heartbeat swallowing by method of. training so in this specific case. the point i was attempting to make. is sensible. for the danger actual ratio. but for the precise commerce having. both moved that big. it is really dangerous so actually you’re. asking lots from the practice. you would have to have to place your self. before and due to this fact to have studied. enough the inflation over time. to see it going out of treatment i was going. to anticipate inflation to be slightly worse. however i thought the market would have. priced that in as a result of we were turning. properly up but i was wrong because he.

Went he got here out far out of the. expectation truly. anyway that was just a fast tip on. on on the gold. so nonetheless long from there we still long. from here. however we have catched half of it. and now we’re just waiting to see the place. we go subsequent. like i mentioned i might like to see that coming. tomorrow there perhaps to offer it another. go after which we could look at the. pullback. using tech or wanting at the 38 film. and finally come back and resume to. go all the way to our target so that is. my concentrating on space i’m likely to give it. a quick go. round right here. simply because it’s. recognized stage. however which i see closer to the to the. to the worth. all proper. so. um don’t assume we have had some other commerce. so it’s it is uh. it was an excellent week uh. what i will do is tomorrow end of the day. i sum up all of the. the outcomes i do not think there shall be.

Any. possibility for me to be on the charts. during the day. so i’ll do quickly maybe a video within the. morning if i do. feel like there’s a shot to be taken on. metals otherwise i’ll have a glance at making an attempt. to pop on the. on the phone around. 4 5. pm time to see if there is something i. might do. alternatively when you’ve received time to go. on the display then i’d bounce on the. display and replace you guys. that’s it guys so i’m going to end. the edit of this video as we communicate. so a reasonably decent week to be fair so we. had the gm purchase. still running. allowed for the first counter shot which. worked out. we took the bracket check of the objective. long. and we took once more the primary counter. shortened goal which labored out was a. bit riskier because we missed the. pending. within the first place. but understanding that always it does come again. retest and.

Make another job earlier than making its last. move so it labored out. so still lengthy as nicely on this one. and we missed the uh silver short. nevertheless uh jumped on the retest on that. 23. fib. and i think that is all our our trade so. pretty respectable week to be truthful we additionally. had a pretty first rate week on the. chart evaluation. and. i am simply going to drop all the. results for you if you’d like from the. first week i’ve been doing this video. so all of the sum up of the outcomes. of our trades and if you want to have a. look guys at the chat analysis i might be. popping a video of what we do offer. because i am making a video i might as. well. make a self speech again so i am going to drop a. video of of what we do and what we offer. and hope this week was insightful. and i hope we’ll have many extra. insightful weeks for you within the. coming weeks. hello guys my name is wealthy i am one of many.

Traders at fx cartel hi my name is suk. and i present the fundamental evaluation. for the fx cartel chart service hi i am. trev i’m one of the fx cartel merchants. welcome to fx cartel chat evaluation. each time we see a trading opportunity. we’ll share our chat into the telegram. channel. on the chat there’ll be a box and that. field might be outlined by. numerous confluences that fit in with. the 50 cal technique. if it is a sell it’ll be a pink field if. it is a buy it will be a green field and if. it is a break retest it is a purple. box so when we find a potential commerce we. ship the chart into the chart analysis. channel we also hyperlink it into the lively. pending list so if you click on the. pinned message. that takes you to the lively pending. list. already populated in the message we’ve. the most commonly traded pairs so beneath.

Gbp nzd. if i found an opportunity on that pair. send the chat in and beneath. gn i link. the chart we go straight to the chart. pulls up the chart exhibits the confluences. so the reasons why we wish to enter a. trade at a selected area. and the message. accompanying chart has surplus. info our personal entry some other. choices for instance a excessive risk and a. low danger option. uh if there is an choice out there. stop loss information and any potential. targets so from this info you’ll find a way to. then after all set accordingly the. pendants to. your buying and selling account my personal trading. type relies from a weekly timeframe. occasionally the every day so when i do see. a setup. i’ll chart it up and that i’ll share that. chart into into the channel. i’ll additionally give my entry value and that i’ll. present you an example of how issues play.

Out. so. pound versus new zealand greenback or gn. for short. we have got a powerful move down. so i’ve plotted the fib the 23 levels. lined up with 1.ninety five. so. i wish to define an area of interest. around here as a end result of we also have some. weekly emas. so using the 50 cal technique. i’ve used the primary confluence to the. last confluence to define the zone of. interest. which is a purple box as a result of we wish to. take a sell trade. so the zone of curiosity is 30 pips so. a 40 pip stop loss can be suffice for. me personally on this commerce. with an entry from 1.95. so. that chart will then be shared into the. chart evaluation. as shown. so a 195 entry is my personal alternative. if. the trader is. more skilled then. that doesn’t slot in with their risk. profile so it seems too high danger for. them they may take a better entry. which might be decrease danger so i’ve also.

Given the option for this as well at 27. pips larger. so when you determine to take a low danger. commerce there’s at all times that risk. that you might miss. however typically those that hit have a. higher success fee and less drawdown so. you have to find the balance that. suits yourself as a trader. should you simply want to take my entries. that’s nice i am going to give the price of my. personal entry on each commerce that i. share. so this. trade we are able to see how it performed out. so we’re looking at a 195 entry. and you can see. worth hit 195.. draft over 100 pips. so as a end result of we had a forty pip stop loss. as quickly as one to a minimum of one threat reward ratio has. been met so forty pips in revenue. we are going to then call this zone. pullback carried out so we’re not thinking about. taking any extra trades from this zone. it isn’t. indicating that i’m taking any profit. but. if you need to take revenue when.

The pullback is finished. that is. nonetheless a great strategy. but my targets for the commerce might be. shown on one other chart individually as we. can see. with my targets. so this chart was shared. afterwards. that we were aiming for the 194 space. which might have given us a total of 100. pips and you’ll see that later on in. the day that price was. met. and commerce was closed. my name is suk and i present the. basic analysis for the fx cartel. chart service what this includes is a. breakdown of the market on a weekly and. monthly basis to focus on the important thing. occasions we are on the lookout for and. expectations according to that in terms. of the breakdowns of news we look for. inflation figures employment and. notably central banks and how they. are reacting to the market in flip this. then offers us with a course of the. market and potential trade opportunities.

In terms of the delivery we firstly have. a voice note which provides an total. outlook for the market for the week. forward breaking down every forex pair. and then we also have a pdf to accompany. this which provides the overall key. factors we’re looking at for each. forex pair together with a long term. view of the market so particularly. month-to-month and weekly views of the currency. pair hello i am trev i’m one of many fx. cartel traders who present commerce. alternatives into the fs cartel charter. nurse service alongside richard and suk. i am barely a extra aggressive dealer. who focuses on the day by day momentum commerce. and infrequently on a four hour. this is a quick breakdown of the key. phrases that we use within the chart analysis. service. we start off with pending orders. dependent order is what the 50 cal. technique is based on.

So we. very hardly ever take a reside trade on the. display we plan our trades and set a. pending order beforehand a commerce. alternative is highlighted in the aerial. interest so within the red purple and green. bins. the green box is a buy the purple boxes. are break recessed and the purple is a sell. alternative the purple field is the break. retest so what we’re on the lookout for right here is. a clear break on the 4 hour or the. every day. and then we want to get the opposite side. of it so if we’ve a buyer place. value is going up we want to see value. break and then pull again and then we. need to take the buy as a purple box. if a commerce has missed. our. area of curiosity by a number of pips so possibly. 5 pips and made the move that we have. anticipated or made the oneto-one danger. reward that. we planned then. to be protected we’ll cancel this commerce and.

We no longer invalid. this shall be up to date in the chart. channel. sometimes you may see the abbreviation of. dd or drawdown or also identified as slippage. that is the place price has. gone past our entry while we’re in a. position and we’re seeing some draw down. so we’re seeing minus 10 pips or minus. 15 pips so that is the draw down and. it’s anticipated as a result of we preplan our. trades and we use our risk management so. our stop loss is nicely in position. and the in between our place and a. stop loss is known as draw down. unfold is the difference between the bid. and asking price this is typically solely. a quantity of bits distinction during active. buying and selling sessions. nevertheless at market close 10 pm uk time. after which one minute previous that open. we will expertise a. giant unfold due to the lowered. liquidity within the markets so we at all times. advise our merchants to adjust their cease.