15 Year Old Forex Trader Reads Chart Like a Pro & Reveals His "Golden Zone" Trading System

Perfect so we have got Philip bloom right here. on the present now we have simply recorded a. a few 35 minute podcast interviewed. now this guy is nicely as Instagram. profile says he is the world’s youngest. worthwhile foreign exchange dealer we’re gonna see. what he’s received in store for us here we. can definitely tell from the answers. that you’ve been provided that this isn’t. some type of fallacy this man is kind of. phenomenal phenomenal on the age of just. 15 so look Philip over to you you’re. gonna stroll us by way of a value chart and. present us what you got. yes so right here we now have simply an instance as a. usd/cad so I’m simply going to indicate the. strategy of how I how I commerce so let’s. start from the daily chart so on the. day by day or we can even go to the weekly. chart I attempt to determine my area my key. levels which means areas of provide and. demand actually or supported resistance.

Depending on on what it is so on the. weekly timeframe I can identify that our. valid you realize that are not too too far. away is that we have this major space of. supply proper here and it did not. as you can see in prior to now one price. touch this this stage right here we had. a huge selloff now just lately we had a. bull run on usd/cad touching this space. of provide and we had a huge you know. rejection as well now let’s take it down. to the 4 hour as a day by day isn’t not. nothing to clear on the daily so what I. would normally do is identify my journey. and my tendencies and assist and resistance. area in order you probably can see here we have a a. respected development respected once twice. 3 times 4 times yeah on and on so. it’s a valid trend and we’ve these. sort of areas of assist and resistance. right here so this may be a space of.

Resistance being touched as quickly as twice. 3 times 4 occasions a quantity of occasions. meaning that it is a valid sturdy degree. now on the on the underside we now have this. type of key degree as a outcome of it was acting. on the one hour. it was performing has a sort of assist. right here help wycked. support broke via retested several. of instances making it a legitimate resistance. after which broke through again so this I. wouldn’t call is neither a support our. resistance area I would simply call it a. key level proper so now I I’m gonna go. by way of why I took a trade right here. as you probably can all see we broke this main. downtrend. to the upside made a retest bass back to. not solely this key level but my what I. call golden zone and I’m positive a lot of. you’re conversant in it. the fifty two sixty one.8% match level that is what I. name this is what I call my golden zone.

I often need to have my entries on the. sixty one but you know relying on if value is. displaying rejection on the 50. I will also enter so you draw your fib. from the lowest low including the wick. to the to the highest high or the most. current excessive. so I was undoubtedly in search of buys at. this space I did take that I did you’re taking. a bite excellent here so on the. fourhour weekend we will identify we. broke the bearish pattern to the upside. made a retest again to a golden zone and. this key level now it’s honest to say that. we now have accomplished we’re completed on the four. hour time frame. so let’s take it all the method down to the one hourly. so on the one hourly we can see you realize. value was making decrease highs and this. was not simply this was this in my opinion. wasn’t the best area to enter just. because we did not have a clear clear. pattern but this this right right here wasn’t a.

This was this was quick right right here. so when value you understand made this made. rejected off this key level right right here. and started making movement to the. upside I was positive that we have been creating. a pleasant little bullish trend now I don’t. solely use my fibs on the higher time. frames as a end result of due to this proper. right here so we see that we are clearly. respecting this key level proper right here and. we had we had the very excessive impression information. on oil you know oil dropped a adverse a. couple of days ago so so of course oil. the Canadian dollar is correlating with. oil therefore I was only bullish at this. level on the technical and the. basic facet of issues so what do I. do to find my entry just round right here I. pull out my fib level and I mark out. where my sixty one.8% fib is which would be. proper right here let’s draw that’s golden.

So that is the place I would discover my entries. we have the double confirmation with the. fib levels on two completely different time frames. and then we had the fundamentals coming. in you know dumping oil which the. Canadian dollar clearly will correlate. with that so we find our entry and we. write it too. FIB take profit levels. which is just around right here and our. stoploss we usually wish to have our. stop loss depending if there’s any wicks. beneath so should you should you’re a little bit. of a swing trader you’d in all probability put. your stoploss right here at 60 pips beneath. this recent low but you realize I I had. this development already forming out and we. had this you’ve these fib ranges so I. was sure price wasn’t price wasn’t going. to interrupt this area on simply beneath these. little wicks proper right here so that was a. that was a fairly solid risk/reward.

Ratio of one to 4 proper right here having. our revenue targets at totally different points. so just right here good right here and. then just right right here take revenue one. take revenue to take revenue three and. etter you split these up both method. there’s two methods to do it so both you. take three positions on this commerce so if. you when you calculate that 5% in your. account will give you a 1 lot size trade. and you have got three take revenue areas you. will you realize enter every commerce with a three. 0.33 lot sizes okay and have the take. income at each okay on each of this area. or you’ll find a way to have one position on this. entire factor however then you definitely’ll should. shut out partial income manually yeah. which you can do in the Metatrader app. and do you move your stock to breakeven. at any point yeah so instance right here we. made this larger high we noticed some.

Rejections proper here you understand I all the time. tell say this also that we do want to. give the market’s room to truly move. and to to complete it is it’s. path so we saw this slightly. pullback right right here we might we could. say that worth was retesting this. previous earlier earlier high so we. had a small super small retest however then. we had a continuation of the upside. due to this fact I would put my take revenue. just under these wicks proper right here all. right cool yeah all right my stoploss. just yeah sensible brilliant okay so. look that’s excellent rather well accomplished. for someone in the age of 15 this is. phenomenal stuff look earlier than we wrap up. what’s what’s the easiest way for the fellows. watching to get audio on Instagram my my. username is this right here real King 4x. that is my name on Instagram cool alright. folks nicely look hit over there after.